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DIY Photo Earrings

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Picture Perfect Earrings

Make your own "designer" earrings using images from the pages of any magazine! These bedazzled earrings are as easy as 1-2-3, this tutorial could be used to make some brooches for your hijab too.


-Magazine photos of earrings or other jewelry. (Note: If you want to make matching earrings, you will need to find two of the same images in one magazine, or a single image from two separate copies of the magazine.)

-A small piece of suede or thin leather, approximately 4" x 4" or larger (available at craft stores)

-Mod Podge or white craft glue


-Earring wires

-Small gems, crystals, or other embellishments (self-stick or glue-on)



Steps to Make the Gift: Picture Perfect Earrings

1. Carefully cut out your magazine images, staying as close to the silhouette of the image as possible.

2. Brush Mod Podge or glue on to the back of the cutouts, then glue images to the suede fabric, leaving room around each image. Cut out the earring pieces, leaving a small border all around.

3. Brush a thin smooth layer of Mod Podge or glue over entire image to protect it. Let dry.

4. Add gems or other embellishments. Use a sharp needle to poke a hole close to the top of each earring, then slip earring wires through the holes.


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