eid 2011,

Eid Al adha deliciousness !

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How are you hope all are doing good, what about your Eid?

This year we have long vacations, eid will last for 4 days and Egypt will take "free" also Thursday, and, Friday and Saturday are our weekend, so we will back to our routines on Sunday Insh'allah.

One of the things on any Eid is that you completely forget about "Diets", not that I'm in a diet, but I just keep looking how much food and not to mention the "meat", we use to eat on this days, Al hamdulillah because Allah send food to your table, Al hamdulillah because he provide all what we need and more and Alhamdulillah because he keep us healthy!.

This are some deliciousness brought by other deliciousness, my husband, I was complaining we didn't have cookies this Eid, I'm a lot busy to cook them, so he went out and brought this and other sweet things, love my husband !

Happy Eid!

Enjoy your food give thanks god you have and pray for those who are not as lucky as we are.

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