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Muslim Wedding Tips

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Salam dear readers, thanks for stop by

every day , today I'd like to introduce you the new section of Muslim Elegance FB Fan Page (remember you need to be signed in on FaceBook to can see the page): it is all about "WEDDING TIPS", this is focused in Muslim Weddings, I'll try to find some ideas,share experiences and tutorials that are mented to help all the muslim brides out there, hope to achieve this goal :)

This is just one example of what this is about, The first tip I'd like to give is about to having a Simple or Extravagant Wedding

Having very expensive dowers and extravagant wedding parties is something that goes against the Shariah .

The marriage which has the greatest blessing is the one with lesser financial
burden. Any time the burdens are lessened, the blessings are increased.

This is a matter that is many times caused by women. Women are the ones that often insist upon their husbands to set very high dower [for their daughter]. If a lesser dower is offered, they will say their daughter is deserving of such and such. Furthermore, expensive and luxurious wedding parties are prohibited by the Shariah . they fall under the command of the verse.

''But be not extravagant. Verily, He loves not those who are extravagant ”
(Surah Al- Anam 7:141)

Again, many times it is the women who force their husbands to do such things. They say that so and so’s party they had this and that. However, such gatherings must be according to the Shariah .The person should not spend what is beyond his means. He must also never be extravagant for Allah has prohibited extravagance.

M.E's tip is: Opt for a lovely and simple White wedding !

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