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Pretty Bridal & Evening Gowns

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how to describe them?, I'm in love with all !, So let me tell you what is about, Muslim Elegance has a New Service of CUSTOM MADE GOWNS, yes we finally found the perfect tailor who will work to create the most beautiful gowns for you with all that customizations that a Muslim Woman needs, we will provide you with a bunch of pictures from where you can take some inspiration, the designers are mostly from Lebanese designers, which in my opinion ere some of the best of the best, very feminine,elegant and some of them with a lot of blink on their designs, just what Arab woman likes and what western women are learning to appreciate.

Join Muslim Elegance in our FaceBook page and check how you can place your own order, you can mix styles,colors,fabrics, as you like!

for more information contact me at thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com

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