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DIY Ruffle Flower Scarf

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Salam wa leykum, hope all are doing great.
Today I found a beautiful tutorial of how to make a ruffle scarf (From mama says sew)that I'm sure it will looks gorgeous as a hijab also.

To make the hijab you will need two long strips (170cm X 60cm each one) of white(or the color of your preference) knit fabric together, one on top of the other. Do not baste them together first to stretch the fabric as much as possible when you sew the edges to make the ruffles( Zig zag right on the edge of your fabric, stretching your fabric as much as you can as you go. This will cause your fabric to curl a little, giving you a ruffle effect).You could also do this with just one piece of fabric but when you use two it makes the scarf warmer, and hides all your stitches from sewing on the ruffled flowers.
to make the flowers you need to cut out a bunch of circles.

Cut two slightly different sizes and cut out twelve. (six big circles and six little circles).

thread a needle and tie a knot. Do a long gathering stitch about 2/3 of the way in on your circle

Pull up your gathering stitches, making sure the "bubble" of fabric you create goes down to the back side of your flower:

Tie your thread ends in a knot

Now just start hand sewing the flowers mixing up the sizes as you go. Sew the beads onto the flowers as you go.

Done, you have created a beautiful scarf now play with some styles of hijabs and give me your opinion.

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