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DIY Porcelain PINS

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Ok so after the las post "Spring Pins" I'm so sure you would like to know how are they made, here some ideas of how to make your own flower pins.

you can use salt dough or Cold porcelain, also called porcelana fria,to create the flowers. you'll also need:
tooth pick
marker used as a roller

First use a plastic sheet as a base to work,then take the salt dough or cold porcelain dough and roll it .

use marker to roll the dough.then take the cork and cut the dough as shown in the pic.then take the toothpick and press it against each edge outwards,which will give it a flower look.for the center just make a small round ball and place it at the center,poke it with the toothpick several times to give a realistic pollen effect,and your flower is ready:)

once you have finished the flowers insert the pin on the back or if you want to make a brooch use a security pin and glue it on the back of each flower,let it dry and there you have a handmade pin.
good luck!

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