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Spring Pins

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Assalam wa leykum dear readers

Hope you're doing good, this time I want to show you a beautiful collection of pins with flowers all inspired by the spring that is coming.

Pins are a necessary thing we all hijabis must to have, some times we don't care more about how they look, we just want them to keep our hijab on it's place, but if we are a bit creative we can chage a whole hijab look just by adding this precious pins.

Most of us are not willing to pay more for just a pin, but here is when we need to stop and considerate what kind of work each piece has, we will not pay few dollars for a normal steel pin with plastic head, but for one of this beautiful handmade creations I think is deserved,we can use them too as favor for parties or weddings and I'm sure they will be very appreciated by the guests.

Pins offer a great opportunity to be creative, if you can't or don't want to pay more for a Pin, you can make use of your imagination and make our own, there are a lot of things and methods to use but that will be the next post insh'allah :)

for now, delight your eyes with this beautiful collection of pins

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