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2012 Spring Hijab Fashion

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Salam waleykum dear readers,hope all are doing great here some styles for this spring,as you can see all are a bit loose made of cotton sadly not made in Egypt I don't know why if this country has everything to produce this and even more fashion,however I have to warn you, sometimes this styles doesn't look as good as in the pictures I'd trayed some of them and I ended looking as a pregnant woman and I'm not, so still is a bit hard to find the proper style for each one,but the pictures are nice.
Don't like the shoes,and the skirt,I think this will look good with jeans and big accessories.
If you check this good looks like a cheap dress but still can work in my opinion with a normal hijab style (not the Spanish which makes it looks more provocative)
I love almost all in this look but not together! and don't like the bag
I think this is my favorite one but I trayed the dress in a pink with purple color and I'm not fat but I looked like a pregnant woman and the jeans makes you look even fatter I don't know but is just to much volume,although love the top

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