The Doctors' Rx:How can busy women fit in regular exercise?

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do you remember this post How much weight are you losing while you clean the home?

The Doctors were asked about How can busy women fit in regular exercise? Clean the house!
That’s one fitness prescription from “The Doctors,” which wants you off your fanny and moving your body. The Emmy-winning TV show is dedicating a monthlong series of episodes to getting Americans exercising, with its “Get Moving May!” initiative.

“People who have the cleanest homes tend to be the most active,” says emergency room physician and “The Doctors” host Travis Stork, M.D., in an exclusive interview with Lifescript. “Spending an afternoon cleaning the house has you up off your chair engaging in [regular physical] activity.”

Having a regular exercise program doesn’t mean you have to sign up for costly gym plans, hire a personal trainer or buy a lot of fancy equipment, he says. You can get amazing health benefits by walking – or dancing, like Dick Van Dyke does.

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