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Egypt's presindet leaving his RENTED flat

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I do not consider myself a person interested in politics, but this time it caught my attention since the new Egyptian president comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, see how a real Muslim manage the Huge responsibility that means to govern a whole country, will he fall in all the bad steps like his predecessors?, will he enjoy of all the privileges that comes when you are the President of the Republic?,etc,etc.

 It comforted me knew that he is just a simple man like anyone of us out there, he even use to live in a rented flat, isn’t it just unbelievable our president comes from our real social and not for a rich Family which inherited to him the power.
picture from:We are all khaled said Facebook page

May Allah give to him the knowledge to know what the best is for his people and to help all regardless of the social status, Amen.

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