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Shame on you Aquila "Fashion" Magazine

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As the “world’s first English fashion and lifestyle magazine for cosmopolitan Muslim women in Asia” that is based in Singapore,Aquila fashion magazine Falls short of our expectations,with countless copy & paste articles published and endless contradictions when talking about Islamic matters.

However this magazine has won pularity between young Asian Muslim women,mostly featuring what they call  "Islamic" fashion from time to time they tend to write about controversial issues on Islam,giving always a not too deep opinion on the matter I would think because for its young writers which lack on experience to touch such points with an accurate point of view even less with a valid argument when defending their points which can cause a huge misguide between the youth.

This time Aquila magazine has cross the border by defending the "Rights" of Gays and Lesbians "Muslims" with the article called "Freedom to Love".

Well dear Aquila let me tell you that there is not such a thing called Gay Muslim or Lesbian Muslims,Astaghfirullah where in the Curan or the Sunah mention such a thing?,Allah forbids same sex relationships and stipulates the conditions of a "TRUE" marriage with responsibilities and duties very,very clear in the Curan, a gay person could never,ever been called Muslim even when he-she thinks or believe he is a Muslim since that is something haram.

Aquila magazine made a comment on their Facebook page defending this issue and the reasons to publish it,

"The reality remains that LGBT Muslims do exist. The writer of this article examines the issue from his personal perspective, using facts to shed light on the views and lives of gay and lesbian Muslims who, despite their professed faith and devotion to Islam, sometimes find themselves ostracised or trapped..."
The author of this article is Ab Syahid ,which is described by the magazine as:

An up-and-coming young writer from Singapore, Syahid recognises clearly the spiritual soul in him, but yet, won’t succumb to the
"Distractions and challenges that modern life brings."
Knowledgeable, keen and bursting with creativity, Syahid brings his observant ideas from a young male Muslim perspective.

All what I have to say is that we should be really careful with what we are talking about and we should have completely knowledge of the subject when talking about Islam, after all the seek of knowledge is ordered by Allah to all Muslims, we will be judged by Allah on the end of the days for our actions, let's don't be guilty of misguiding other persons to the wrong doing, this kind of relationships are just Forbidden and Allah know best.

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