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Hijab Fashion: Fall 2012

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Is very refreshing to see different faces talking about models in Egypt, lately most of the Fashion Shops had opted for hire the same models and when you see pictures of their styles you don't really know from where are those models, although there are several shops with the exact same kind of clothing they are under the name of different "Designers" that I'm really doubting about that Title of "designer" since most of those clothes are imported from Turkey, they are a bit over priced when you buy them on those fancy Shops located on some of the exclusive neighbors of the Cairo and Alexandria , but if you are a good buyer and have the patience to walk and search you will probably find the same kind of clothing for half the price.
This are some of the latest Styles on Egypt, some of the pictures were edited since they were taken in a fantasy style which in my opinion was not necessary to do that, com'n we are Muslims, we don't need to imitate non--Muslims.
-Harem pants still rock'n conbined with long and loose tops
-Love the birdcage style on the hijab

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