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No more Trident Gum

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Salam waleykum dear readers, hope all are doing great!

Today I was a bit disappointed when I found that Trident gums are not halal since they contain Xylitol a kind of sugar alcohol that is used instead normal sugar, which by the way protects our teeth,the Purple one used to by my favorite gum a while ago, I even remember bought them here in Egypt.

Sad but not surprise since most of the imported products in Egypt are not halal, something that we let pass without more importance thinking that since we are living in a Muslim Country it means that everything is halal. I have a background in Biology sciences which helped a lot with this matter since I use to read all the small letters on the back of every new product I'm not familiar with,not long ago, to be exact two days ago, my husband bought to our kids those kind of jelly gums with beautiful shapes and colors, I was a bit concerned when I noticed that they were not made in Egypt so once again I checked the ingredients and found that contains Bovine Gelatin which not way it can be halal unless the animal had been slaughtered in Islamic rite, to sad because they really smell delicious, but we must not forget that our Karim said (of leaving something for sake of Allaah, Allaah will compensate him)

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