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I must be the only one in this world who hasn't listened Adel until few months ago, seriously since I'm Muslim I practically don't listen any music except for some times when I found something interesting on the computer and I'll listen only one or two songs and that's all, I don't even know what is going on on the music world but something I can barely forgive myself is how I couldn't have ever listen to Adel, she is so amazing Allah give to her a great voice mash'allah, I got in love with her song "We could have it all" most for the music, voice and video than for the song's history, but then I listened to " Someone like you" OMG who doesn't have had a broken heart?
 Here is the official lyric video ,Enjoy I'm sure you will.

Unless you've been living under a rock today, chances are you've already heard the leaked, full version of Adele's sultry theme for Skyfall, but at 0:07 (UK time), the official lyric video dropped (as planned) and demands that you slip those headphones back on for another listen.

Fun fact: A 77-piece orchestra accompanies Adele in the lush, 4:50-long theme, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London – the same place The Beatles recorded their first single and then some.

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