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Evening hijab fashion styles and makeup

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This season we saw a lot of lace in fashion, being Muslim does not mean that we can not  adopt this trends, although the photos are not entirely suitable for a true Muslim they do serve to give an idea of ​​how we can adapt a simple hijab style by adding lace applications and pins with some bling on .

I'll recommend use a Lycra Cotton scarf before this kind of hijabs to cover your neck and then style the hijab with satin or chiffon fabric and add the lace appliques or some sparkly pins at the end,if you don't know how to do that remember Muslim Elegance custom made ready to wear hijabs you only need to slip them on your head and that's it!.

We also see how many of our sisters out there are not able to find a more conservative evening dresses, the best and easy way to cover a bit more of the body is by using this Lycra body tops that right now we can find them also in a shimmery look that makes them a bit more of "evening fashion" they goes good with satin fabric and if you still want something more remember you can find our new line of "Capes" at Muslim Elegance that will helps you to cover even more and still be fashionable.


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