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Here's 7 REASONS why you may always wash your face at night

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Of course we all know we're supposed to wash our faces at night...but did you know only about 50% of women wash their make-up off at night!(Don't look at me !)

sleep with a naked face that is!!!

Here's 7 REASONS why you may always wash your face at night now!

(no matter how tired you are):

#1. Your pores will look smaller. When makeup gets stuck in your pores, it can make them look bigger. When your pores get larger, this can lead to more bacteria building up inside them which can even cause acne, not to mention, irritate your skin!

#2. Most makeup products are loaded with different types of chemicals. The longer they stay on your skin, or you don’t remove them properly, the worse it is for your skin! You don't want to sleep with those chemicals on your face for them to have more time to penetrate your skin and can cause more damage for the long term.

#3. It allows the natural exfoliation process of shedding your skin, which will prevent your skin from looking dull. TIP: Incorporating exfoliating into your skin care regimen will encourage healthier looking skin.

#4. Makeup removal helps prevent skin inflammation, which can generate free radicals and collagen breakdown - associated with aging. No one wants to look older faster than they should! * Check the post Homemade makeup Remover here

#5. It allows your skin to breathe and helps maintain its natural tone. The skin is your largest "organ" and needs to breathe without pore clogging chemicals junking it up and causing acne!

#6. When you leave eye makeup on overnight, it can dry out the skin on your eyelids. TIP: After  wash your face at night,moisturize and coat the eye area with Vaseline or ALBA Un-Petroleum to add extra moisture your eyes!

#7. Proper removal of lip makeup will protect your lips and keep them from looking wrinkly, dry, chapped, or just prematurely aging! TIP: Have a TREAT BEAUTY JUMBO LIP BALM next to your bed to make sure my lips are coated in their yummy and organic goodness before  go off to dreamland!

By Kandee Make up Artist

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