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Fashion good enought to... eat?

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The line between food and fashion has been well and truly blurred in a new exhibition at Berlin's Museum for Communication which is displaying portraits of models wearing outfits made entirely of food.

A scarf made ​​of cotton candy, green onions as a headdress,it in fact look like the classic ruffled hijab style,isn't it?

The Brain Masters:
Brains behind the unusual project belong to top chef Roland Trettl and experimental photographer Helge Kirchberger, both from Australia.
The pair cooked up the idea of fashioning clothes out of food back in 2007, while brainstorming ideas for an international competition.

The Process:
"We wanted to create something that hadn't really been done before" said Kirchberger.

Like "normal" fashion shoots, the process of creating the images was less than glamorous.

But for Fashion Food, rather than standing shivering in a field waring painful high heels all day, models were draped in offal, covered in giant crabs and smeared with fat.

"At first it was a little odd". Said 21-year-old model Anna Schwarz. "But when you forgot what you were wearing, the clothes were actually pretty cool,"she added.

Although it might not suit every taste, the outcome is remarkable.

"Don't think too much about the individual parts of the outfit, consider it as one whole piece of art" said the Museum's director Lieselotte Kugler.

In my opinion the other pictures looks a bit grotesque, however if you look at them like "Art" they are really interesting.

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