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Hijab tutorial with a DIY bow

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Salam wa leykum as I promised before here it is the tutorial of how to make a bow brooch and use it for your hijab, hope you can understand the steps.
Bows are really fun to make, you can mix few colors and fabrics to give a different look also add some sparkles or pearls, big or small they are multi purpose since you can wear them on your clothes,hijab or even like a ring or necklace.

So, for the bow you need an small square of any fabric you need to sew the edges and then make an small hole on the middle to can turn it on the right side , then you need either other piece of fabric or like in this case a beautiful silver trim and glue it to the square of fabric you made before then use another small trim of fabric for the middle of your bow glue it on the back and add a pin so you can remove it from your hijab and that's it!
I like this kind of hijab because it cover all your neck, using 2 scarves and an endless number of under scarves you can create your own mix of colors and style.

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