If there is a consolation...he does not let go until Allaah admits him and his father to Paradise

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Yesterday after having a nice breakfast with my kids and husband from the Cornish,we back home to drink tea and watch some TV(We wanted to know what was going on in Gaza), my kids were coloring the books my husband had just bough to them when while listening the news in Arabic , my husband made an expression of surprise, to call it in some way, then he translate to me what he had just read
"An school bust was hit by a train, killing all children that were on that bus", That I have to confess was the saddest think after all the killing going on Sirya and Gaza I had ever listened, my kids were right there front Us coloring, kidding, laugthing, I look to them and is hard to say how difficult was for us to contain our tears, both my husband and I keep silence for a while, till our voice can go out and talk about it, I couldn't imagine the pain of their parents,my kids don't have school on Saturday but many other kids has, the accident happened in the time we were taking breakfast, It was so shocking and I say Al hamdulillah for everything, I pray to Allah to keep our kids and your kids safe, to never have to cross for a situation like that and protect our children for any pain.

I read this post from Fajr Blog, which really help me to remember how only Allah knows our future and when we have a huge lost like this parents, we should say Al hamdulillah because he is the only one who indeed know what is better for us even when a situation or a lost like in this case looks so hard and difficult he knows why we have to cross for this and he is the only one who will be there to help us, May Allah give the strength to this parents to continue their lives and reward them for this lost.

“Their little ones are the little ones (da’aamees) of Paradise. When one of them meets his father – or his parents – he takes hold of his garment – or his hand – as I am taking told of the hem of your garment, and he does not let go until Allaah admits him and his father to Paradise.”

Narrated by Muslim, 2635
At some point in our lives, we are all given moments where we have to take a stand; a mawqif. It’s usually a test which is personal to each of us. But on a larger scale, it’s also an opportunity from Allah allowing us to earn His Pleasure, attain higher ranks and pretty much ‘prove’ ourselves to Him.

Sometimes, we’re forced to make hard decisions. We’re forced to forsake what we love, or want, or is easier to do, in order to uphold a greater principle. We have to fight against our heart and soul in order to do what is right at that moment of time as opposed to what simply pleases us.

Sometimes, our actions directly affect others because in pleasing Allah we might end up displeasing people, but what choice does the believing man or woman have? We don’t live for the sake of our own nafs (soul); rather we live for Allah and higher principles, and when it comes to these testing moments in life, we must choose what is right, even if it means that we will lose what is very dear to our hearts or lose our freedoms.

These are the mawaqif in our lives, and every single person has to face them at some point. But it’s a Promise from Allah that once we take the right stand, He will take it upon Himself to lead the way and rectify our affairs. Even if we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, we must trust that the end result will be for the believer who chose His Lord over himself…

Fajr Blog

- Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi ordered his ministers to offer support to the families of those killed
The transport minister resigned,The head of the railway authority has also resigned.

Free E-book and support for parents that had lost a child
Children of Jannah

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