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Sparkling Wedding Theme

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The Wedding Day is one of the most important days for almost all women around the planet, and since it happens once in life(or it should be like that) you may want to feel like a real queen without going broke.

With just some smart cost-cutting activities ,like buying of course from Muslim Elegance and doing some DIY projects you can have that breathtaking wedding you always wanted.
Sparkling rhinestones,beads and crystals are perfect to give the luxury of a royal wedding.
Click on each link to check our complete collection of each category.
Shoe bow clips: Muslim Elegance
Bridal Bracelet: Muslim Elegance 
Bridal veil: Muslim Elegance
Embellished bridal body top: Muslim Elegance
Embellished bridal cape: Muslim Elegance
Beaded applique candles: Muslim Elegance
Rhinestones cake applique: Muslim Elegance
Brooch bouquet: Etsy

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