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Make up tips: Use and care of Brushes

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Using make-up brushes should make applying make-up easier.

The advantage to using make-up brushes is that they allow you to use the right amount of product and achieve a more even application, in other words to have better control of your make-up and a better result.

But having to choose between different bristles (natural or synthetic), sizes and make-up brushes in every shape can make things quite complicated.

There are a whole load of factors to take into account and often, you end up making do with the make-up brushes already supplied with the palettes you've bought. But these aren't always the best quality.

What factors are important for a good make-up brush?

Choosing a make-up brush based on where you're applying makeup

The aim is to own the ones that correspond to the make-up you'll be applying and where you're applying the product.

The make-up brush should be supple but not too soft. But if you use waxy make-up, like solid concealers, go for firm brushes with synthetic bristles that will make application easier.

How to clean make-up brushes

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