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Purple Wedding: Fabulous Ideas

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The inspiration for this Purple Wedding theme comes from my favorite color – purple!!  A hot hue in weddings, this plum variation on the color is popping up at all kinds of events and “I do’s” are no exception.

Mysterious and emblematic of royalty, purple is the color of choice for many brides around the world.

The Hijab
Let's start with a beautiful Embellished hijab for your wedding,You can find all this products at Muslim Elegance ready to wear so you don't need to pay even more for a hijab stylist :)

                                                              Embellished Lycra body

The look
Incorporate your color into everything! Start with your attire,Keep your look simple with a purple sash white dress

The Bouquet
When it comes to bright colors, details make a big difference.Purple bouquet or a purple Bouquet Wrap to incorporate a splash of purple into your wedding.

Incorporate your color into everything !,Plum Ring bear pillow.

Purple is extremely versatile and will allow for a huge range of color options.
You want a Spring/Summer wedding, great use the pastels.
You want a Fall/Winter look, then there are plenty of rich, bold shades to pick from! You may want to brig it all around the decor or incorporated in some contrasting touches.

Beautiful and simple Bow Chair wrap for a contrasting touch.

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