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Soft apricot wedding theme

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A wedding day has many focal points: the bride and her gown, the scrumptious wedding cake, the Wedding dress, and the bridal bouquet, to name a few.

Strengthen the beauty of the ceremony by choosing soft and delicate colors for your decorations, flowers,cakes,decoration, dresses, and the other things.

Get arouse by the mild wedding color palette, new couples can try apricot and/or peach, especially peach, it is very comfortable to eyes is also wonderful if you like a soft color for your ceremony.
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Bridal hijab: Muslim Elegance
Embellished Lycra body top: Muslim Elegance
Rhinestone Brooche (Bouquet): Muslim Elegance
Bouquet Wrap: Muslim Elegance
Pillow Ring: Muslim Elegance

Peach is a perennial very romantic and remarkable, it is pretty and feminine, maybe a touch vintage, and not very common.

One of the most important things in a Muslim Wedding Ceremony is the Hijab of the Bride,This an example of a simple hijab style for brides (Remember we should cover all our hair,neck and ears),an Ivory hijab with an embellished headband and the bridal veil is perfect for a soft and romantic wedding theme

If you are outside of the common you can wear a bit of color with your Bridal Dress by adding a peach or any other shade of color to your body top or perhaps a sash belt to give that contrast between white/ivory or any other color you decide to use for your wedding are perfect options.

The most elegant area of a wedding decorated in peach will of course be the flowers. An Elegant jeweled Bridal Bouquet is the perfect choice if you want to keep that touch of luxury mixed with a classic style for your wedding day.

Embellished Bouquet Wraps gives to any kind of Bouquets a touch of originality and luxury.

There are many details and accessories necessary for a complete wedding ceremony, and the wedding ring pillow may be the smallest yet one of the most crucial.

The smallest focal points of all are undoubtedly the most popular, however: the wedding rings. A wedding ring pillow highlights the rings and their function, giving them a place of honor in the ceremony just as they will have a place of honor on the newlyweds' fingers. By using a pillow to transport the rings, the couple emphasizes the importance of what the rings represent, because without that love and commitment, the wedding could not take place (Remember although the rings are important there are not an order in Muslims ceremonies).

From classic buttercream tiers to modern-casual wedding cupcakes, the wedding cake plays a prominent role at the reception. Get a better idea of all the options available to you before you make a decision about your dream cake.

But the most important thing you should not forget on your Wedding day is
that you should Enjoy and be Happy !

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