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Light Bulb vase deco

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Salam waleykum dear visitors and fans, today after have changes the light bulbs of 2 Chandeliers at home I ended out with a lot of light bulbs and it looks like a bit waste to just throw them in to the garbage so, I goggled for some Ideas of how could I use them and find this very interesting tips, Though I will go more for keeping  plants with their own soil(a terrarium) rather than just water, this could be a very nice wedding decoration Idea, and what if you add a bit of sparkles?
 Light Bulb miniature Terrarium
The most difficult and dangerous part of making this tiny moss terrarium is disassembling a light bulb. The stuff that is inside of the bulb is quite toxic.
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Step 1: Remove the small metal circle from the base of the light bulb using wire cutters or a pair               of scissors. Make sure you can see a hole into the light bulb.
Step 2: Use the screw driver to break the long piece of clear glass (stem and filament) that is now             visible.
Step 3: Place the screw driver into the middle of the remaining glass piece, and apply heavy                     pressure until it breaks.
Step 4: Use the pliers to pull out the large glass piece. Shake out the rest of the glass
Step 5: Place the flowers into the bulb
Step 6: Tie a ribbon to each side of the metal piece of the bulb, making sure the bulb is secure.
Step 7: Fill the vase with water and hang it wherever you like
*In this step you can use your imagination and do whatever you would like to creat your own decoration,good luck!

Check this Video Tutorial

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