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More than 30 Henna inspired cakes

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Indian weddings are truly one of the most elaborate affairs in India. As you probably are aware many rituals are practiced during this event.

 One of the most important of this heritage, especially for the bride, is Mehndi (commonly known as henna)this tradition is not only seen in Indian weddings also Muslims use this henna and is an important part of the wedding tradition, the night before the wedding bride and groom (Separately) will have a party called Henna, were they will dance and share with family and friends and bride will have this henna designs painted on her body with intricate and elaborate patterns.

 Many brides go further by choosing a Henna wedding theme for their ceremony and one of the most important parts of this celebration is the Cake, here some of the most amazing designs of Henna inspired Cakes, Enjoy!

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