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Chechen Fashion House Firdaws on the Way to Haute Couture I have to confess I have never put too much attention to the Chechnya country (And I'm pretty sure that unless you are a Chechen you either) since the past days incidents many information has been on Internet about this country and there is where I found about this Fashion House called Firdaws.

Fashion house Firdaws (“Gardens of Paradise”) was founded by Medni Kadyrova, the wife of Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov, in Grozny in October 2009 The fashion house has established a model agency, won many international contest and organized a fashion show in Dubai.

 The label can now be bought only in Chechnya but the fashion house plans to expand to other countries including the UAE. Firdaws recently won the Couturier-2011 contest in Moscow and plans to hold another show in Saudi Arabia. Medni Kadyrova does not design outfits herself. A team of two Chechen designers work for Firdaws.

I think they are doing a pretty good job and also opening a new job opportunities for Muslim women on the region, what do you think? All the outfits are made in Muslim traditions with long sleeves, floor-length skirts and scarves in matching colors, isn't it cool?.

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