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Great Gatsby Birdcage Hijab Style

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If you've fallen in love with The Great Gatsby, and dream of a 1920s theme for your wedding, then check out our new hijab and birdcage accessories at Muslim Elegance
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So what exactly is a ‘Great Gatsby’ wedding?  The Great Gatsby is a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, set in Long Island in 1922 and embodies jazz music and the flapper culture. 

Modern meets Vintage with this stunning bridal birdcage veil with silk flower accent.

To create a wedding with this theme, you will need – pearls, lace, fringeing and beading, diamonds, drop-waist dresses and feathers.  Ornate head-wear, rich colors and geometric shapes also typify this period with its Art Deco influences.  You can use the colors of black and white, and rich colors such as turquoise and dark red.

The 1920s saw brides favouring the lace cloche headdresses, some of which would be encircled with flowers. Veils were usually made of silk materials and decorated with flowers and leaves that would match the blooms in her bouquet.
Veils started to make a more simple statement in the 1930s when brides wore them hanging loosely over their heads to compliment the sleek look of their form-fitting gowns.
In the post-wear years of the 1940s, small, birdcage veils became popular – a wedding trend that’s coming back into fashion! In the 1950s it was the turn of the tight-fitting skullcap veil.

As we have seen, a birdcage is the perfect accessory for a more sophisticated look, not only for weddings but also for any important occasion, order yours with us , Muslim Elegance provide all Ready to Wear Bridal hijabs, accessories, Lycra body wear and much more, if you are interested in any of this models visit us on FaceBook : Muslim Elegance 

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