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Which wedding dress style suits your body shape?

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The guide  towards your dream dress, perfectly suited to your figure

by: Merche Seggarra, chief bridal gown designer for Jesús Peiró
Are you an apple shape?
For those with a fuller bust and short waist but slim hips, the key is to minimise the top with a V-neck, avoiding too much embellishment or detail on the bust area. To balance the hips with the bust, a fuller or A-line skirt is recommended. As apples tend to lack waist definition, a drop waist can draw the eye away from the waist and help to lengthen the upper body. Good foundation underwear to support the bust will make all the difference.

Are you a curvy shape?
The key is to work with curves rather than against them! Structured fabric such as Mikado and heavy silks work particularly well and a mermaid shape will accentuate the contrast between a small waist and larger hips and bust.

Are you a pear shape?
The pear is one of the easiest shapes to dress – a fitted upper body and full skirt are ideal, or a strapless neckline will show off a small upper body and arms.

The key here is to emphasize the waist. Work with the balance that exists with the bust and waist and have both areas fitted – a mermaid style with waist definition is ideal with some kind of detail drawing the eye to the waist.

Are you a petite shape?
Tricks for lengthening the body include empire-line or dropped-waist dresses. A fluid line from top to bottom also works well and avoids the body being broken up, or sheath gowns in floaty fabric, without too much detail, are ideal. Too much volume may drown a petite frame so it’s best to keep skirt volumes to a minimum.

Are you a slim shape?

The key for very slim figures is not to wear anything too structured and fitted: fluid lines, floaty fabrics and 
draped styles are ideal. A bateau neckline is good with either opaque or transparent fabric.

Are you a tall shape?
A tall bride can carry most styles – everything from a statement gown with lots of detail to a simple silhouette with a beautiful cut. A long veil works well.  

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