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Green Emerald hijab Inspiration

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Salam wa leykum dear readers and visitors of this blog,

This year Green Emerald was named "Color of the year", as we have always remark., being a hijab doesn't means you can not follow the fashion, in the best responsible way of curse, and here are our suggestions of modest looks including this color for your engagement or any special event.

Let's begin with the hijab, Emerald green looks great with gold, therefore here is our emerald green hijab with a mix of gold.

To place your order please email us at thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com or visit our page in FaceBook "Muslim Elegance"., can be made in other color or colors, all ready to wear (just slip it on your head).

One of the most indispensable things for a hijab is a body top, is hard for Muslim women living in non Muslim countries to find long sleeve gowns, we at Muslim Elegance have though of that and we bring you the best option and designs in Embellished body tops to use under your gown and keep you covered!

Embellished Body top in emerald green and gold (available in lycra and sheer fabric) for more styles and colors visit our FaceBook page " Muslim Elegance"

Let's talk about the dresses, here are our suggestions for you, Simple, beautiful and Stylish.
If you are fan of Turkish Fashion, this is the perfect look for you

Lace is the last trend and if you mix this with the color of the year, what a perfect option.

A simple yet beautiful Satin dress

Match the beadwork of your dress with the hijab :)

Complete any of this looks with an Embellished Shoes

And for the Reception:

If you are planing your Engagement celebration this is for you

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