If you ask me is not the hijab

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Asalam wa leykum to every one who is reading this blog, I haven't made a serious post in a while, this due the country's situation and personal struggles.

I have this huge lost almost two weeks ago when my dad passed away(May Allah have mercy on him), Then it was like an awakening for me when I realize that the most difficult thing-situation for a Converted Muslim Woman is not to wear hijab, but to lose some one you love and that ,that person wasn't a Muslim, that… believe me really hurts.

I'm feeling blessed for all what Allah have gave me and I'm pretty sure he knows best what is best for us, even when this could be hard to understand for a human, Al-hamdulillah for every thing!

I wish to all of you the best, enjoy the time you have with your beloved ones, if you as me, are the only Muslim in your family, remember there are a lot of sisters and brothers out there in your same situation and Allah, have chosen us from between millions of non-believers, so you know you are special and we should always say Al-hamdulillah and keep our relatives in our du'as, after all, nothing is impossible for Allah, he is the only one who can open the hearts of those persons to Islam.

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