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Why clowns and hijabis don't mix

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I really laugh as a crazy when I found this picture in a suppose "Makeup artist" promo page
I really believe there is a serious problem in Egypt, something is happening, where is the talent?, I haven't found a real Makeup artist, someone professional that you can hire without ending like this girls on the pic.

I deleted her name, this is not directed only to one person but to all who try to "Modernize" the Hijab look by adding this extravagant Makeup style, I think not even a no-hijabi will use this,Am I Wrong?

You still don't believe me ?....
This is an other example this time from an Egyptian Program, look to the hostess (Right)If you wear skinny jeans, the Cinderella hair do is a big NO, what about Bushra(Left) an Egyptian Actress, she have a 3 floor hair do perhaps she didn't wanted to feel less front the host of the program and decided to add some (or a huge should I say?) height to her hair do.......My point here is who in the world hired the Hair stylist responsible for this looks?

One more from the same program, As you can see the trend of Cinderella continues, this time featuring the stepmother Looks,What happen to all that Cleopatra's legacy?

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