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No more raccoon eyes for you!

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Under Eye Bags Remedy 

Potato Under Eye Bag Home Remedy
- Potato
- Cheesecloth or Gauze

Dark Eye Circles Remedy Instructions:

Potatoes are packed with a fabulous enzyme called catecholase, which is used by many high-end cosmetic companies to lighten skin and remove dark under eye circles. Why pay the hefty price tag when this simple home remedy will lighten up those dark under eye circles with the same enzyme… 

1. Grate the potato (either by hand or in a food processor).
2. Place the shredded potato into cheesecloth or gauze to form a compress.
3. Place the compress over your eyes for 15-25 minutes.
4. Wash your eye area and apply an eye cream!

If you keep your potato in the fridge, then the grated potato will feel even more cool and relaxing.

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