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Gorgeous cupcakes ever!

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OMG I just found the gorgeous cupcakes ever, this beauties are from Custom Coffey Cakeries The Home of The French Confection,owned and Operated by Erin Coffey.Custom Coffey Cakeries is owned and operated by Erin, a master decorator and sugar artist from Long Beach, California.
 Erin Studied under her father, Chef Jack Johnson referred to as Doc... a pastry chef and culinary arts professor who apprenticed under Julie Bayshore, once pastry Chef for the Duke of York.. Erin specializes in ART, she has been Drawing/painting on walls since she was a kid.., Fine Art, 3-D/Sculpting, anything to do with Art you name it she can create it with Edible Confections, she loves to create French Edible Works of Art, that are considered Museum Worthy, and her beautiful Confections/CAKE/Petit Gateaux have been seen at celebrity events all over. Erin's delectable Confections are baked fresh to order using only the finest ingredients. Erin makes cakes for the Famous, Wealthy and your average Joe. , Delivery and tastings available. By appointment only.
This ones here are apples in white coated chocolate they look amazing!

Aren't they just gorgeous?, so if you are lucky and leave in California then go for it they are unique!

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