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Salam wa leykum dear readers and occasional visitors
today I was happy to  know that one of my favorite companies; the Turkish boutique Modanisa is finally delivering to all the world, and they even count with a fast shipping method so you don't need to wait more than 2-3 days to have what you had ordered, all they clothing style is very trendy and Turkey have a very high standard of quality both in fabric and finishing.
The egyptian boutiques are saturated with this kind of clothing , I personally  have a problem every time I go shopping, in my opinion they look cheap and without style not to mention that tough they seems very wide the fabric is so thick that all your curves are shown.

Modanisa  tag prices in my opinion are no more different from any of our local boutiques and if you add to it the higher quality you are receiving then the investment is worth, also all styles are made with the latest colors of the season and I kind of love the simplicity on their hijabs,though hate the camel humb.

Here some models right now on sale

                                                         Butik 7279 coat $ 74.20 USD

                                                            Pınar Şems dress $ 97.51 USD

Pınar Şems Coat $122 USD
 Love this coat with the golden details, and the hijab and bag goes just perfect with it(Accessories also sold at Modanisa)

 MODAYSA Dress  $77.00 usd

Zehrace Turban $32.00 usd

 Medine Tesettür dress $123.16 USD

 Sedef Jacket $35.00 usd
And since winter is coming nothing better than a jacket
you can also find, accessories, tops, trousers, skirts,evening dresses,etc.etc.

I must to say I don't make reviews for any company, this is my personal opinion and views, no one has given me free products or payed any money to publish this post.

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