New finds- Home line from Modanisa

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Salam Waleykum dear followers and occasional visitors.

I hope all of you had had a good beginning of year, One of my favorite online shops is with no doubt Modanisa from Turkey ,though some of their clothing is kind of "strange" for my and skirts are just to short (again for myself) I found their home line is very good,accessible and  the quality in Turkish fabrics is just great, not to mention the patterns and the most important prices.

I have seen this same products online here in Egypt and I want to believe that the stratospheric prices they have are due taxes that this kind of products may have to pay when importing those goods to the country, you can imagine my face of surprise when found the same products  for just few dollars! 
They offer Worldwide shipping and returns and accept several payment methods.
So judge by yourself , which one is your favorite?

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