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Don't allow anyone to manipulate your maind!

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As-Salaamu Alaykum dear followers and occasional readers.

It's being a while I know, but as you may know by now, Egypt is not what it used to be, therefore my mental and spiritual health is not at it's best, it seems even rude to write about non-important things like fashion or hijabs in the actual situation we are living in.

However I keep reading your blogs and I found this very interesting Article and a "Must read" blogpost by A Muslimah's thoughts blog called "An open letter to hijab fashionistas" 

here an extract of the post you can read the complete post in the link here

How is it that sisters of this noble ummah are able to walk around in leggings/jeans wearing a headscarf and still believe this is adhering to hijab?
How is it that sisters of this noble ummah wear long garments but have faces full of make-up and still refer to it as ‘modest’?
Deviation of the correct Islamic wear only occurred post 1924, when the islamic rule of governance was abolished. With the removal of the caliphate, western concepts such as liberalism, feminism and freedom infiltrated the Muslim world and consequently, the minds of Muslims.
It has sadly become a norm to see images of sexualised women such as Kate Moss and Beyonce shoved in our faces.  Subsequently, some of you may have consciously or subconsciously, taken these western woman as role models, as their constant glorification has made you want to have a little fashion freedom?
Despite the west’s many attempts to remove, demonize and label the hijab as oppressive and backwards, Muslim women like yourselves are still proud and happy wearing some essence of the hijab. However, the west and their forces of shaytaan do not give up so easily. Their plan of completely eradicating the hijab may have failed, but instead they have outsmarted you sisters by making your hijab a fashion asset, rather than an act of obedience to Allah.   It has become clear that wearing the hijab in its simplistic form as prescribed by Allah, is now looked upon as boring and old.
Something all sisters need to be aware of, is that the west are good at manipulating the minds of women. They know how women think. They understand that women enjoy being called beautiful and that it is something valued by both sexes. Due to this acknowledgement, they are then able to profit from of this desire by creating the standard for beauty. Sadly, their deranged idea of beauty has degraded many sisters who have been conned into the idea that beauty lies in the make-up, the clothes and the accessories.
he need to want to glamorise your hijab and outfits, is a sign that you are clearly not comfortable wearing the hijab properly. Somewhere in your understanding of hijab, you have mixed the kufr concept of western beauty with islam. ....

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