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In today's world there isn't time for almost nothing,when it comes to fashion and new styles unless you are a pro in styling then you will find out your self trying almost all the tips and tricks everyone is sheering on social media to finally realize that it didn't go as you planed and ending with the look "As usual"... back to the routine :(

And when it comes to special occasions? , well,unless you pay a couple of hundreds you will probably end with a bad experience or looking quite different from the original look you were pretending to achieve,so, what if you are a Muslim?, you know every wedding there must be a henna art in almost every girl, if you are not lucky enough to live in a Muslim Country where henna is at hand and your auntie can apply to you this henna then my friend you are lost, but don't worry and allow me to introduce you a new trend, the best of this is that they look gorgeous, last for quite a good time and is fast like a flash can be,the innovative metallic jewelry inspired temporary tattoos that last 4-6 days, from FLASH TATTOOS are super cool, chic and inexpensive (If you compare to other fashion trends).

This tattoos give you the golden look that henna can't,featuring Sheebani collection from Flash Tattoos...Not loving the nails though!

Flash Tattoos are perfect for any kind of ceremony, Weddings,graduation parties, Birthday parties, festivals, concerts... anywhere you and your skin might be seen having fun. Just apply, glimmer and go!


Each Flash Tattoo collection is unique, includes 3-4 sheets of various metallic designs, and plenty of Flash to share with friends. Have fun creating your own necklaces and designs. Get Flashy!

For information about how to apply and where to order visit their website : Flash Tattoos

>>>> This are my personal views, I don't make any kind of requested reviews, no one had payed me and I don't receive any kind of gifts for this company.

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