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My best wishes for you ^_^

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Asalam wa leykum

oh gotta love every time a new  hero "man" appears trying to "Save" and "Liberate" all girls wearing HIJAB,
"Take off your hijab" , "Feel liberated",etc,etc.  You know the kind of arguments someone without a bit of knowledge of what hijab means, and why Allah has ordered to cover us in order to protect ourselves.

When  we are living in a country were nearly 99% of its female population has been harassed on the streets I find a bit of difficulty trying to understand this kind of "Help" that this people is proposing.

So I think it will  be first take off your hijab
 and then take off your clothes?, 
or how??

"Because HIJAB IS THE CROWN that Allah has given me.", S.H.
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If wearing my hijab bugs you, sorry for you, very deep inside, you acknowledge that I'm doing the right,
 If I wear modest and it bothers you, very deep inside, you acknowledge that I'm doing the right
If I don't do haram things and it does bother you, very deep inside, you acknowledge that I'm doing the right...

Nobody is perfect, that's why we should acquire knowledge and make ourselves better every day in every aspect, if you feel uncomfortable between hijabis then you should stop and think why is that happening?

My best wishes for you who is reading this words, is to always do the right and the best for your relationship with your god, after all, one day we will leave this world, we will be alone, no one will come to protect us except Allah, think on the torment of the grave, visualize yourself on it every time you are in doubt of your actions, if they are right or wrong, remember if you are not sure if something is haram or not then is advisable to don't do such action, and Allah knows best!

2015 Fashion,

Marsala Makeup Tutorial (Color of the year 2015)

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Do Makeup Like A Pro: Marsala Inspired Look

Pantone's Official Color of the Year for 2015 Marsala

 The gorgeous terracotta red shade of Marsala is flattering against many skin tones and in this video we show you how to do Marsala like a pro and get the sophisticated look.