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Khloe Kardashian With Niqab

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Last Tuesday Khloe Kardashian shared a selfie she posted to Instagram  with her 22.9 million followers,  woring a niqab, a facial covering worn by Muslim women, alongside the caption "Habibi Love." The word "habibi" is an Arabic term meaning "my baby" or "my darling" and people got really angry about it, some criticized Kardashian for posing in the traditional garment. 

One important thing that's been left out so far, us tghat Khloe is in Dubai.

We must say: Sisters Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian have also worn similar attire while in Dubai, despite the fact that it is not mandatory in the region, especially not for foreigners visiting the country.

With that in mind, you could argue that Khloe's merely adhering to the cultural mores of the country she's currently visiting. As one, more measured commenter noted on Khloe's Instagram, "She is being respectful as she is in Dubai... and we should just appreciate her respect." After all, you can't get angry at a celebrity for showing skin in a mosque, and then ALSO freak out when a different celebrity respectfully covers up.

So where do you side? Was Khloe out of line or is the Outrage Machine once again too riled up?

Perhaps we should stop criticizing and concerning about these people and begin to take care of our own actions, curiosity is great when used in good ways, this could (In sha allah) be that little step on knowing more about Islam for this young woman, we criticize if they are naked and also if they are covered in a MUSLIM COUNTRY what would you expect her to do?, wear lace?

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