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Worst Beauty Trends in the Middle East That Need to Die

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Beauty Trends in the Middle East That Need to Die

Khaoula Ghanem / Beauty Counter 

Tattooed eyebrows, drawing in your bottom lashes, blown-out perms—these are just some of the trends that we would all rather forget and write off as a momentary lapse of judgment. Unfortunately, there are a few beauty looks that seem to transcend the perpetual cycle of fads. We’ve rounded up the worst  beauty trends in the Middle East that need to die, now.

Costume Makeup

You shouldn’t look like you’ve just come back from your wedding when you’re at the beach. Contouring, false eyelashes, and dark lips should be saved for a night out or a special occasion. Keep your daily look minimal and simple and replace the foundation with a CC cream, contour with blush, and swap the dark lip colors for a tinted lip balm.

Colored Contacts

Colored eyes are not only pretty, they also have the ability to enhance your overall look—just not when they are so obviously fake. 

Brassy Blond Hair

Photo: Instagram/@nawalelzoghbi
Arab women are known for having beautiful, thick, raven hair; so it’s always disappointing when they decide to go down the lighter route and even more so when their hair turns orange instead of blond. 

Overly Drawn Eyebrows

Photo: Instagram/@rola_saad
What is worse than overly plucked eyebrows? Overly drawn eyebrows. Ladies, please keep the pencil on your natural brow line—better yet, drop the pencil altogether. Instead, opt for a wax-based eyebrow filler

Bad Lip Fillers

Photo: Instagram/@nicolesabaaa
We blame Kylie Jenner for this one. A plump pout is sultry and sexy—a bad lip job is not. Your lips should not look like they’re bee-stung. Ditch the excessive Botox and try these makeup tricks to achieve a fuller lip.

Extreme Photoshop 
Exaggerated use of Photoshop that we can't even recognize a person, here an example, Egyptian Actress Ghada Abdel Razek (49), do you notice something, let's do a check list with our previous trends

Very natural look √

                                                          Photoshop , where are where spots?           

    Again Photoshop, but this time you  can see her spots 

-Custom makeup √
-Colored contacts √
-Overlay Drawn Eyebrows √
-Lip Fillers √
yes, she just missed the Brassy blond hair!, worst part is, she is not the only one, it seems that ALL!!!  Egyptian and Arab actresses are doing exactly the same, in no way even if all this people are doing it, we can and we should not follow this "trend", the normal people who live by a honest work and appreciate what Allah have given us since that is what make us unique.

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