2016 hijab fashion,

2016 Hijab Fashion

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2016 Hijab fashion brings to us the best of covering with a Fringed Shawl Trend.

 Forget the "front hair showing style" (which btw no one care if your hair is pink, though if it is 0_0 I'm pretty sure women will look at you like a weirdo, and guys like a freak, trust me that's how it works), leave your hair for your future "mama" in-low (in case you're single) she is who in the end of the day will have to "approve you" in order to marry her precious boy, yes I'm specially referring to Egyptian girls :) and you know what I mean, don't you? :P

  I love that it's suitable for every day style, for work, school for night and special occasions, give you tons of volume, the trendy colors and of course like I said it covers you, so what do you think?

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