2011 Party Hijab style

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Check the new 2011 ready to wear party hijabs from Muslim Elegance

All the styles can be done in the color of your choose!

Beautiful party hijab, with beadwork in silver and fabric flowers in a side.

The hijabs can be done in the color of your preference!

If you don't find what you are looking for remember we offer custom made hijabs

To place an order contact us at thepurplesharepoint@gmail.com with the subject "Party Hijab"


This hijabs are not intended to be worn in a mixed celebration, is up to you to follow the Islamic code of dress or not, Muslim Elegance, makes easy wear a party hijab for you but it doesn't means they should be worn in mixed (man & Women) gatherings, you can anyway use an other hijab to cover your neck or a long neck blouse or body wear.

"A Floral Legend" Abaya Collection by Khulood Designs

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Wrap abaya with bronze floral lace embroidery. Comes with matching shaila. Available in all sizes by order. Prices are between ($130.00 and $160.00 usd Approx.)

Khulood Khalaf, under the brand name KK Design, is a Bahraini fashion designer with a Bachelor in Fashion Design from the Royal University for Women. Khulood grew up with the dream of becoming a glamorous fashion designer sketching designs throughout the day, every day! She loves to sketch and conceptualize all types of designs including ready to wear, evening gowns, accessories, jalabiyas, abayas, and couture.
Wrap abaya with black velvet and black and silver beadwork. Comes with matching shaila. Available in all sizes by order.

Khulood’s style can be described as feminine, sophisticated, unique, and sensational paying special attention to details and accessories. One rule she truly believes in is to create outfits that accentuate the female body and flatter a woman’s figure. She understands that different cuts suit different body types and catering to these needs is the key to successful fashion designing.

This one is my favorite

Abaya with blue embroidery, beadwork, and blue pattern lining. Comes with matching shaila. Available in all sizes by order.

Her new collection of abayas called "A Floral Legend" is unique because it merges the traditional style of the abaya with a more contemporary and fun style suitable for today's modern women. The abayas are enlivened with unique cuts such as the wrap, colorful printed fabrics, embroidery, and beadwork.

this line of abayas is focused on younger women. However, some of the designs are suitable for older women.

Abaya with red and purple floral embroidery and crystals. Black velvet decorates the sleeves and bottom of the abaya to create a flare silhouette. Comes with matching shaila. Available in all sizes by order

I asked her as a young arab designer what are the most common problems that she faces with each collection and how does she sees the future for all young arab designers?,
Black and white abaya with silver embroidery and crystals. Black and white floral lining. Comes with matching shaila. Available in all sizes by order.

She mention that the most common problem is just the rush and pressure of trying to create new collections for every season, the whole process of creating a collection is tiresome,but however, she said, "when all is done, the feeling is pure bliss".

and about the future of all new Arab designer she said "I see a bright future for young Muslim designers because we have proved that we are capable and are successful in creating all styles of clothing which include traditional clothing and modern clothing. We have proved that we can compete and become pioneers in the international fashion market. (Khulood K.)

about her next steps she mention that she is currently working very hard to open her own fashion atelier in Bahrain and make her dream come true.

We wish to her and all new designers the best, we have seen how hard is some times get into the business, but we have also be witnesses of the huge talent that as Khulood K.,have and they are doing a great contibution on how the arab and muslim women are seen in the eyes of western cultures where the fashion is one of the most important things in women lives, Muslim women cover all their body and hair but they are still fashionable and elegant.

KK has also a line of jalabiyas and head bands(Check the 4th issue of the SharePoint Magazine), for more information and enquiries contact her at : khulood_khalaf@hotmail.com


2011 Bridal Hijab

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Assalam wa leykum,
May I introduce you the new Bridal & Party hijabs Ready to wear from Muslim Elegance , Visit our Fan page in FB, Like us and be part of the new experience in ready to wear bridal & party hijabs.
Muslim Elegance also offer you Bridal Sets, accessories and more coming soon insh'allah!

***Remember if you don't find what you are looking for we can make the hijab style you need!

For more pictures visit Muslim Elegance fan page