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Hijabi Wedding in Pastel Colors

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Pastel colors Wedding Inspiration direct from Indonesia

If you want to have a Vintage-Girly Wedding theme here are some ideas that may help you,among some information about the growing Indonesian Fashion Industry.
1.A Simple attire for your bridesmaids in pastel tones,modest hijab styles and Soft make up will make you really feel the queen on your day
In Indonesia due the diversity of ethnic groups, it stands to reason that wedding customs will reflect this diversity. Each ethnic group has different wedding dress (batik, traditional textiles, kebaya) and different marriage ceremonies and customs. Within ethnic groups, those of different religious backgrounds will have different practices as well.

2.Maids are usually the Bride friends, ask them for help to organize your wedding and have fun.

Lately we are hearing a lot abut the Indonesian hijab style,Why you may wonder?, Well Indonesia’s fashion industry is indeed huge. According to 2011 data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, it is the largest among the country’s 14 creative industries, and for the past five years it has contributed an annual average of Rp 71.9 trillion ($8 billion) to Indonesia’s gross domestic product, therefore we are getting more and more news about their style.

3.Some color Ideas for your guests,get into the theme by wearing also Pastel colors,Love the style of this ladies!

And, as the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, is already one of the main players, with a local fashion industry now estimated to be worth $6.6 billion dollars a year. But local designers and retailers – led by an industry group called the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Consortium – are hoping to expand the Islamic fashion component of the industry even more by drawing up a road map to make Indonesia the “capital” of global Islamic fashion by 2020.

Right now, Malaysia, Thailand and France are among the leading Islamic fashion hubs, industry officials say.

Long known as a relatively secular Muslim nation, Indonesia has seen an increase in the number of women wearing hijab, or Islamic dress in recent years, which some analysts have attributed to rising Islamic conservativeness.

“The creativity of these young (Indonesian) designers is endless,” said Jetti Hadi, editor-in-chief of local Islamic fashion magazine Noor and a co-founder of the consortium. “Their designs are fashionable but still adhere to the Islamic rules of modesty, which means that the clothes are loose-fitting and do not reveal the shape of women’s bodies.”

 4.Paper lanterns and tissue color paper can be a great and cheap option to decorate,choose colors that match with your color theme.

A rising middle class in Southeast Asia’s largest economy has also fuelled a boom in the domestic fashion industry.

The sharia unit of the state-owned Bank Rakyat Indonesia has embraced the Muslim fashion aficionados by issuing a debit card that also serves as a membership card for the “Hijabers Community,” which has 77,000 “likes” on Facebook and almost 57,000 followers on Twitter.

5.Nothing better than an exclusive touch for your cake, ask your bridesmaids,Friends and relatives to help by baking and decorating mini cup capes, you can choose a simple recipe and a colorful Icing.

6.Don't forget to thank all your helpers,relatives and guests!

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