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Survey: Vast majority of Facebook users dislike new redesign

It seems like nothing really gets people more stirred up than change. Users of the social networking service Facebook are in an uproar about the new design changes announced this week.

In a recent survey of over 1,000 people conducted by Sodahead, the social voting-based site found that 86 percent of the Facebook audience gave a strong dislike to the changes announced by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s F8 conference this week. Teens and women showed the most contempt for the upcoming changes with approximately 90 percent of each group railing against the alterations. About 80 percent of young adults and men had a dislike for the new features. While women are clearly in the majority over men on Facebook, young adults between 18 to 25 years old comprise the largest percentage of users in the United States.

The only group that had a majority of users in support of the new changes were IT workers. In addition, people with incomes over $100,000 as well as college students didn’t put up as much animosity toward Facebook as other users. Since the announcement of changes like the News Ticker and the new profile design, Facebook has received thousands of negative comments on the official blog post announcing the changes. After the main press conference announcing the new features, Zuckerberg was immediately put on the defensive with questions about angry users that dislike the changes. Zuckerberg stressed that the design had been tested by people in and out of the Facebook offices, but feedback from the community will be appreciated.

While angry users can opt out of the new version of the profile page initially, they will eventually be forced to switch to the Timeline design for contiguity among profiles. The Timeline profile mode is still being beta tested and Facebook officials are expecting to roll out the finished product very slowly across accounts. Anyone interesting in checking out Facebook Timeline before the rest of their friends can use our guide in addition to checking out the changes in our preview of the new design.


Printed "Islamic" Fabrics on Fashion 2011-2012

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Throughout this years I have been noticed how Egypt is changing and now is making a "Revolution on Fashion" , Dubai has Rabia Z, but Egypt is having every time more and more new designers that are adopting the new trends in fashion and getting them into a New Hijabi Style a lot more modern but yet conservative and modest.

A classic Harem Pants with a new style of body wear made of cotton,an asymmetric bolero and a bag made of fabric.

Black abaya and Bag made with printed fabric "Islamic style" .

I don't know you but me...I'm not so sure about this matter, at least for me it doesn't seems very respectful when you are wearing clothing with any word from quran or with the name of our prophet printed on it, just think about it, what if you need to go to the WC?.

The pictures are gorgeous and the styles too, there is a lot of this kind of bags here in Egypt they are becoming the "New Fashion", enjoy anyway and use your discretion when using this accessories.

more information contact me at


Wanna eat those shoes !

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Two things all women loves (Besides the Diamonds of course) are Chocolates and Shoes, Am I wrong?

I have seen the most delicious pair of shoes ! take a look of them...

Brown chocolate shoes decorated with Polca dots in white chocolate adorned with a crystalized edible flower, What a super orginal and elegant detail don't you think?, find them at Sweet Designs

Althought is a bit dificult to make this chocolate shoes (for what I have read) the flowers are simply beautiful and can be used to decorated an endless list of desserts.

Cup cake decorated with crystallized flowers

Ice cream cups decorated with crystallized flowers
If you would like to try this edibles flowers here is the link : Crystallized Flowers Tutorial From Twing and toadstool Blog. Yummy!!

Wanna to know more about this edible flowers?
You may already have eaten flowers without knowing it. Dried daylily petals are an ingredient in Chinese hot-and-sour soup, and lavender flavors some jams and sweets. A number of herbal teas get their aroma from rose, chamomile or hibiscus.

But before you try to grow these edible beauties yourself, there are a couple of things to consider. First, go organic by using natural or organic pesticides labeled for food crops. Organic amendments, such as compost, coir and peat moss, improve drainage in clay soils and moisture-holding ability in rocky or sandy soil. Follow soil test recommendations when adding nutrients to the soil.

If you plan on starting these flowers from seed, consider going to an organic seed supplier. If you buy plants from a nursery or garden center, remove existing flowers and rinse them well to remove any pesticide residue. Then mulch with organic matter to keep weeds at bay and the soil moist.

Harvest the "crop" when it's at the peak of ripeness. Pick blooms that are completely open, and avoid wilted or faded blossoms. The best time to pick them is early morning, after the dew has dried from the petals.

Also, keep in mind that environmental factors—such as soil, temperature, moisture and location—determine flavor, so sample a petal before picking the entire bunch.

Plunge long-stemmed flowers into water and keep them cool. Pick short-stemmed blooms only hours before using; refrigerate them in a perforated plastic bag. Also, before you use the flowers, remove the stems, stamens and pistils, which are bitter, and check carefully for any insects or disease.

Six Common Edible Flowers

Bee Balm
Monarda didyma
Care: Moist, moderately fertile soil; partial shade to full sun.
Flavor: Citrusy, sweet and tangy, like oregano or mint.
Uses: Spicy garnish for salads, or steep flowers in boiling water for a soothing tea. Substitute blossoms in recipes that call for oregano.

Care: Rich, moist soil; full to partial sun.
Flavor: Mild, sweet flavor that resembles lettuce, asparagus and zucchini.
Uses: Crowning a cake or decorating a platter of hors d'oeuvres. Stuff blossoms or add color to a salad. In spring, substitute 2- to 3-inch-tall shoots for asparagus.

Care: Moderately fertile, well-draining soil; full sun.
Flavor: Sweet and lemony.
Uses: Add flavor to or garnish desserts. Be sure to use it sparingly, however, as the flavor can be extremely intense.

Tropaeolum majus
Care: Moderately fertile, well-draining soil; full sun.
Flavor: Sweet, spicy flavor similar to watercress.
Uses: Stuff with a savory mousse or spread. Also adds a peppery punch when sprinkled on salads, sandwiches and appetizers.

Care: Moderately fertile, well-draining soil; full sun.
Flavor: Often on the sweet side, with undertones that range from cinnamon to mint to apple; darker varieties are more intense.
Uses: Petals can garnish ice cream or desserts, or boil them down for use in syrups, jellies and perfumed butters.

Viola x wittrockiana
Care: Moist, rich soil; partial shade to full sun.
Flavor: A mild, fresh wintergreen taste that varies depending on how much of the flower is eaten.
Uses: An attractive garnish for cocktails, salads, soups and desserts.

Source: Birds & Blooms "Grow Veggies for Less"


2011 Evening eyeshadow looks (Khaliji style)

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Are you looking for an evening makeup with a femenine yet sexy look that help you to remarck the beauty of your eyes, and you like the khaliji style but worry to look like a Drag queen in the way?

Although I think this picture is nice the makeup is very exagerated, too much eyeshadow, to much lipstick and the fake eyelash.

This are some Simple khaliji makeup styles which you will be able to achieve just following this few steps:


Step # 2
Step # 3
Step # 4
Step # 5

Now take a look at this styles to get more inspiration and make your own mix of shadows !

Glittery Cobalt blue
Dregrees of purple Color
Pink and Purple
Hot pink, purple and yellow

Yellow and Hot pink

Golden glitter
Earth Colors


Asymmetric Cardigan Tutorial

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Salam wa leykum

Is been so long since I published the last issue of the SharePoint Magazine, and as you have already noticed I haven't time to make an other issue, so this is a simple tutorial on how to make your own asymmetric cardigan (whit a fake background of "Run away project", its not that I like fake things ok it is just for fan hehehe) .

I wanted to buy one of this cardigans that I see all around the internet, when I saw my little sister in law wear one of those I ask her to borrow me hers so I can check how it was done, when I figured out that it was the most simple thing in the world (I really mean it!),
once I knew how it was done I told her that she shouldn't have payed all that pounds for something like that, you know 2.5mts of fabric wih two cilinders as sleeves sewn on it !!

And since this kind of cardigans are really fashionable-practical (What a word hahaha), I decided to share with you this step by step tutorial, I hope you can understand the instructions, since I'm not a very good tailor mayself.

If you like it don't forget to give your reacctions !


I'm Back

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Salam wa leykum !

I hope your ramadan and eid went better than mine, a serie of events not expected at all forced me to stop blogging,answering mails, etc,etc. but al hamdulillah everything is fine now,

I want to tell you that I missed you and this blog so much, this has become a "Must to do thing", you know it feels like a responsability (at least for me) so now I'm

I'll be reading al your blogs and updates, answering mails and posting again insha'allah: