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Hijab Trend 2012

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Salam waleykum how  are all you doing? hope good, I miss that time when I could spend hours reading here and there through the Internet and posting every day, some times we have wishes that become true and we don't realize how those dreams will stole all of our time.

This time I'll show you some fresh styles for this spring, all featuring cotton garments but not too sure if they are made in Egypt since now every one is buying Turkish clothing(don't know why),seriously this is the new "Fashion" here in Egypt, my Little sis in law is getting merried and she is buying all the stuff brides must have here and is really annoying how they ask for imported products, I mean if you buy Egyptian products then the people see it kind of cheap(When Egypt has a very good quality products, how many of you outside wish to have something made in Egypt?) the trend here is buy all made in Turkey, even my floor map is made in turkey wt..
What people don't realise is the big favor you can make to your country by
buying in Egypt- made products from Egyptian-owned companies, keeping profits, jobs, and the tax base within the nation.

so here we go, you will even see how they styled the hijab in the Turkish style,by the way, this are not cheap garments altough, they are very simple made (some of them not even hemmed)

The Doctors' Rx:How can busy women fit in regular exercise?

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do you remember this post How much weight are you losing while you clean the home?

The Doctors were asked about How can busy women fit in regular exercise? Clean the house!
That’s one fitness prescription from “The Doctors,” which wants you off your fanny and moving your body. The Emmy-winning TV show is dedicating a monthlong series of episodes to getting Americans exercising, with its “Get Moving May!” initiative.

“People who have the cleanest homes tend to be the most active,” says emergency room physician and “The Doctors” host Travis Stork, M.D., in an exclusive interview with Lifescript. “Spending an afternoon cleaning the house has you up off your chair engaging in [regular physical] activity.”

Having a regular exercise program doesn’t mean you have to sign up for costly gym plans, hire a personal trainer or buy a lot of fancy equipment, he says. You can get amazing health benefits by walking – or dancing, like Dick Van Dyke does.
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Unce upon a time, We all wanted to be a Faraon

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I found this lovely picture in a travel agency; they are using it as propaganda to visit Cairo, I don't find it funny, but the lovely kids looks so handsome that I want to share it too, but I added the link to their mom's blog, I think not more people really realise that even when you are doing it for a good purpose, we should add a water mark to make it a bit more difficult if someone is trying to stole our personal picture,upload pictures to the Internet doesn't means it is ok to be used by others in my personal opinion.
However, I remember how a long time ago we all dream about be queen or kings and what about be a Faraon, all that Majesty and power and  pyramids don't forget about it.