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While checking my news feed on Facebook I came across EFFA's FaceBook page it caught my attention immediately their About Messages which I found a bit laughable here it is:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have become aware of several unauthorized FB pages/websites that have stolen images of our EFFA abayas, and are illegally using them.

And you may ask what is laughable on that?, well this only shows how pissed off they are about the pictures being stolen from their web and how they can't do something about it, why??, Well because there is no way you can control who copy what, when and from where.

 Fashion is one of the most affected sectors of the Industry worldwide without strong laws about Copyrights, in this case Effa's Abayas are very simple for someone with just a bit of sewing knowledge, they can easily being reproduced, there is also no Copyright information on either their Webpage or their facebook page where they only mention that the use of their pictures from other pages/websites are Illegal, but let's be honest, Illegal according to what terms?, where is the Copyright terms of the pictures or designs?

Let me give you a SUPER example of Copycats, let's talk about
F O R E V E R  21

F O R E V E R  21 has been sued more than 50 times for allegedly stealing the work of other designers and passing it off as their own. Despite this long legal history, Forever 21 continues to get away with it: The chain has never lost one of these cases in court.

(Only once, in a case brought by the label Trovata, did the dispute even result in a trial. That ended in a hung jury; a lone holdout took the chain's side. Forever 21 settled on the eve of the retrial.), Smart move isn't it?

Forever 21 has copied everyone, from big brands like Anna Sui and Diane von Furstenberg to smaller, independent designers like Trovata, Foley + Corinna, and 3.1 Phillip Lim. The chain has most recently been sued by Feral Childe, a fashion label run by a pair of friends named Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu, for producing clothing out of a printed fabric that looks virtually identical to one of Carlson and Wu's original prints.
Left: A Betsey Johnson dress in a print designed by Carole Hochman. Right: Forever 21's "interpretation."
"Fabric prints weren't always copyrightable," says Scafidi. A court decision in the 1920s held that prints weren't subject to copyright, "but in the 1950s, the Copyright Office was expanding its scope of coverage, and one of the realizations it made was that paint on canvas or ink on paper is not that different from dye on fabric when you analyze it from a graphic perspective." Ever since, textile prints and lace patterns have been copyright. (Of course, a lot of designs are in the public domain, including basic prints like stripes, many plaids, ginghams, and houndstooth checks.)

The effect of copyright has been largely positive for the textile industry. "It's helpful for designers who have an interest in using prints, and the wherewithal to create their own prints, to get some protection," says Scafidi. "Because they can't for their clothing designs, but they can at least for their textiles."
Left: A Diane von Furstenberg dress. Right: You get the idea  

Scafidi characterized Wu and Carlson's case as very strong: "My money's on Feral Childe for this one." Forever 21's print looks like it could be a photocopy of the original design — "when you get close," says Scafidi, "and you start looking at the cross-hatch marks, and the details, it really is very identical." "We're confident in our attorneys," wrote Wu and Carlson. Attorneys, they point out, who have successfully represented plaintiffs in other textile design copyright infringement cases.

Nonetheless, "It would surprise me if this case were to go all the way to trial," says Scafidi, because Forever 21 has a big incentive to settle. Because Feral Childe registered "Teepees," that would — in the event of a trial victory — entitle them to not only actual damages, but attorneys' fees and punitive damages as well. Forever 21 has no interest in seeing that happen, and it has deep pockets with which to buy off plaintiffs.
At first, said Scafidi, she was confused by Forever 21's tendency to get sued again and again over the same issues with taking other people's intellectual property. "But then over time I realized that
they've been caught so many times, they've been publicly exposed so many times, they've even been sued — although many fewer times, because all they do is settle — and the lightbulb went off: this is just part of their business strategy. They go ahead and they take what they want, and when they get caught, they pay up. It's probably cheaper than licensing it in the first place." Forever 21 did not respond to requests for comment.

Scafidi has spoken with many attorneys over the years who have pursued Forever 21 for copying their designer clients' original works, and says that the company's response is methodical, even phlegmatic. "It's not as though their attorneys are surprised and shocked that their client has been caught copying."

When Forever 21 settles a dispute over copying — which, again, the company has done more than 50 times in its 27 years of existence — it typically includes a non-admission of guilt, financial compensation to the designer whose work was copied, and a confidentiality agreement.
Forever 21 continues to copy because copying a dress design — even copying a dress design clearly made first by someone else, even copying a dress with stitch-by-stitch exactness — isn't in and of itself illegal in the U.S.
 "Because the law has been so reluctant to focus on fashion specifically as an appropriate subject for protection, has been so reluctant to acknowledge fashion as a creative medium, we — and by 'we' I mean the legal profession — have been called on to pull and stretch other areas of intellectual property to cover bits of fashion," Scafidi explained.
"So trademark can be stretched to cover the label. Trade dress, a subset of trademark, stretched a little further to cover very iconic designs. Copyright pulled in to cover jewelry and to cover fabric prints, jewelry because it is like a little mini sculpture and not merely a useful article. Occasionally, patent pulled in to protect functional elements, like Velcro, or a zipper...So intellectual property sort of stretches these bits to cover parts of fashion, leaving most of fashion naked and exposed. Which is why the need for the additional law, to finally say, Look, we can cover the core as well. We can cover the central aspect of any garment, and that is its actual design, if it is indeed innovative."

Scafidi consulted on the development of one such bill, supported by New York senator Chuck Schumer as well as fashion and retail trade groups, which is currently under consideration in the House.
Forever 21's main competitors — retailers that share a business model built on selling rapidly mass-produced runway-inspired stock, like H&M, Zara, and Topshop — don't knock off designers' works with anything close to Forever 21's avidity, Scafidi pointed out. "They're based in Europe," she explained, where copyright protection does extend to clothing designs. This, she argues, is better for the consumer, because anyone interested in, say, "those white blazers that were all over Stella McCartney's runway last season" or "those Prada stripes" can choose between H&M's interpretation, Zara's version, and Topshop's. Making chains unable to just rip off an existing garment exactly forces them to be creative about it.

why the sucess of this company even when they have been sued more than 50 times for stealing the work of other designers?, The answer is quite simple, PRICES.

  An overage customer sees all this fashion shows and catwalks and wish to wear those very expensive and exclusive designs but it is just out of their budged, then A company like F O R E V E R  21  offers something if not exactly (even when quality may not be the same) very neer to the models of the International designers with a very cheap price without think twais they buy from them, this has made the company a multibilionaire  chain which is worth around $3 billion and has 440 stores worldwide.

 Backing to our dear Effa Abaya Boutique and all of us with small busines this are some of the things we can do to protect our pictures or products(Something I learn to do a while ago even when I hate it)  
First, there are a variety of software applications for download that have tools to help categorize and protect your personal photos from unauthorized reproduction. Most of these software programs function differently, but many operate using the same safeguard procedures. The most commonly used method is a software device that allows the user to select a specific watermark design from a list of various watermarks. The software then takes the chosen watermark and applies it to any of the pictures or photos that the user designates.

Other software programs allow the user to create their own watermark, such as their name, their trademark, their business logo, or their company name and apply that custom watermark to a photo or photos. Many software applications even allow for the transparency of the watermark to be adjusted in order to apply a watermark that is clearly evident but does not greatly detract from the aesthetic value of the photo in question. Additionally, many of these software programs are compatible with all uploadable photo file formats such as TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

It is also a good idea to apply for a copyright if you plan to share their photos on numerous sites and for various activities. Copyrights help enforce the intellectual property law and explicitly prevent anyone from using digital photos without permission.

Hope this information have been helpful for you.
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No more Trident Gum

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Salam waleykum dear readers, hope all are doing great!

Today I was a bit disappointed when I found that Trident gums are not halal since they contain Xylitol a kind of sugar alcohol that is used instead normal sugar, which by the way protects our teeth,the Purple one used to by my favorite gum a while ago, I even remember bought them here in Egypt.

Sad but not surprise since most of the imported products in Egypt are not halal, something that we let pass without more importance thinking that since we are living in a Muslim Country it means that everything is halal. I have a background in Biology sciences which helped a lot with this matter since I use to read all the small letters on the back of every new product I'm not familiar with,not long ago, to be exact two days ago, my husband bought to our kids those kind of jelly gums with beautiful shapes and colors, I was a bit concerned when I noticed that they were not made in Egypt so once again I checked the ingredients and found that contains Bovine Gelatin which not way it can be halal unless the animal had been slaughtered in Islamic rite, to sad because they really smell delicious, but we must not forget that our Karim said (of leaving something for sake of Allaah, Allaah will compensate him)
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Hijab Fashion: Fall 2012

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Is very refreshing to see different faces talking about models in Egypt, lately most of the Fashion Shops had opted for hire the same models and when you see pictures of their styles you don't really know from where are those models, although there are several shops with the exact same kind of clothing they are under the name of different "Designers" that I'm really doubting about that Title of "designer" since most of those clothes are imported from Turkey, they are a bit over priced when you buy them on those fancy Shops located on some of the exclusive neighbors of the Cairo and Alexandria , but if you are a good buyer and have the patience to walk and search you will probably find the same kind of clothing for half the price.
This are some of the latest Styles on Egypt, some of the pictures were edited since they were taken in a fantasy style which in my opinion was not necessary to do that, com'n we are Muslims, we don't need to imitate non--Muslims.
-Harem pants still rock'n conbined with long and loose tops
-Love the birdcage style on the hijab


Angelina Jolie meets Syrian refugees

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Salam wa leykum dear fans and occasional readers hope you're doing fine.

In the past I don't even care about who Angelina Jolie was, since for me she was only one more of those American Actress that don't know what to do with their own lives, do you remember she even said she was Lesbian?

My opinion about her changed , when I remember have read on some place about her adoption of an African boy and then about her humanitarian work and of course about her new Romance (at that time) with Brad Pit, things were changing she became a more mature person, she had also said how she had learn to appreciate all what she has and has adopted "in her way" a more simple style of life, Today is not strange to see her visiting Arab countries again helping kids and families that had lost their homes and relatives due to the war, is not strange also see her wearing the Hijab, this time she and UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres heard about the difficulties people face in escaping war-torn Syria and the challenges of finding shelter for them in Lebanon.

Angelina Jolie In her role as the Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina spoke at the Zaatari camp, which hosts an estimated 27,000 Syrians who have fled the civil war in their country and are taking shelter in Jordan.

"I am very concerned, the world is very concerned," Angelina said. "What is very heartbreaking is when Syrian people ask you why you think no one is able to find a solution for them."

Angelina’s eyes welled up with tears as she recalled what she has been told about their plight.
"What they described on the ground, hearing it from them is so horrific," she said.

"When you meet so many innocent people and civilians, the people of Syria are asking who is on their side. `Who is going to help us as the months go on?'"

The mother of six said the refugees told her “there will be no more of us” left in Syria as the fighting continues. She met with Syrian refugee women and toured the camp with U.N. Refugee Chief Antonio Guterres and Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

"This mission that we are sharing has a key objective. It is to draw attention to the international community to express a much more stronger solidarity with Syrian refugees and the host countries that have kept their borders open to all those fleeing the conflict," said Guterres.

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Double rainbow eye shadow tutorial

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From the past
A tutorial of how to creat a double rainbow eye
The SharePoint Magazine
Issue 4.

By: That's me
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Fan or Bouquet for your wedding?

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What would you choose for your wedding day, a Bridal Fan or a Bridal Bouquet?

Comming soon to Muslim Elegance (with the best prices on Internet!)
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Fall color trends

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Fall is coming, know which are the color trends for this season,order your ready to wear Bridal or Party Hijab on any of this colors from Muslim Elegance and don't forget a matching Lycra body top :)