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Bridal caps the new fashion trend for brides

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Through her beautiful bridal collections Gwendolynne Burkin long established herself as one of Australia’s top bridal designers. A fashion purist who avoids fashion trends and remains true to her own sense of style Gwendolynne‘s gowns are Art Deco infused, exquisitely embellished pieces of art……

Created from the most beautifully delicate, floaty fabrics of champagne, silver, gold and pop of spring yellow, there is as ever an understated beauty that makes Gwendolynne‘s 2013 collection perfect for the boho beach bride, elegant ethereal bride, or modern minimalist bride.

Gwendolynne‘s Spring 2013 collection, debuted at this year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, with glamourous dresses featuring  bridal cap accessories For the fashion forward bride they are the perfect alternative to a veil, tiara or headpiece, a real statement accessory……
I think I’m in love! So what do you think? Bridal caps ?

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Zara has a dirty little secret:

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 Toxic Chemicals in Clothing Make All of Us Fashion Victims (Opinion)

ZARA clothing items have been found to contain hazardous chemicals. Some of these chemicals break down to form hormone-disrupting chemicals which can then be released into waterways around the world. Traces of cancer-causing chemicals that are released from dyes were also found.
“Nobody wants to be a fashion victim. Desperately chasing the ever-elusive ‘cool,’ fashion victims are generally perceived as ‘try-hards,’ those who sport the latest trends and buy into transient fads, regardless of fit or personal style.”

The current European Union legislation (called EU REACH) now requires all TCF brands and retailers selling into the EU market to manage more than 300,000 harmful substances in their products. This program also sets maximum limits for TCF products that come into contact with human skin.

“The most dangerous way for a toxin to enter the body is not through the digestive system, but through the skin,”

The basic structure and function of EU REACH program is to provide a list of harmful chemical substances limits its role to notification and assessment of the use of these chemicals that apply to all sectors of our economy.

The experts said that the EU approach stands out as the model other countries are adopting to ensure consumers are protected. From an extensive list of restricted substances, there are “substances of very high concern” that the EU regulates more closely as potentially harmful to human health.

In some countries like Australia:   Problems with toxic clothing in Australia can be, in some ways, traced back to a humble pair of woollen underpants bought by a doctor in Adelaide in 1931. He wore them without washing them first, and this caused a severe allergic reaction to sulphites in the fabric that landed him in hospital close to death and, sometime later, in court.
The doctor won his case against the manufacturer, who was found not to have provided due care that the garment in question should be fit for the purpose for which it was intended. Those underpants formed the basis of one of Australia’s first consumer law cases.

In 2012, in stark contrast to a number of other developed countries, little has changed for the better when it comes to regulating the chemicals in imported textiles, clothing and footwear (TCF) in Australia. And with more than 90% of the apparel found in our stores imported – and an obsession with what’s been nicknamed “fast fashion” – Australian retailers are under pressure to put more product on the shelves, more often. The downside of this demand, many in the textiles industry believe, is product safety, with the safe use of chemicals a particular concern.

“Products that are made in China for the Australian market could not even be sent back to China, as many of them would not meet the Chinese product safety standards but are acceptable here.”
  There are no legally prescribed limits on the use in textiles of any of these chemicals.

 Here’s an unsettling thought:  The clothes you’re wearing could be harming you in a very real way. Greenpeace’s strategic communications manager Tommy Crawford asserts that—in our quest to constantly keep up with fashion’s accelerated turnover—consumers are falling victim to purchasing clothing that contain hazardous chemicals, even some that have been banned right here in the U.S.

How is this happening?
 According to Crawford, when big apparel companies outsource production to countries such as China and Mexico, certain regulations aren’t always enforced, including the monitoring of toxic chemicals used to dye and process garments.

The study:
 Greenpeace conducted its own investigation into this issue and found that of the 20 brands whose clothing they tested—including global mega-brands such as Calvin Klein, Levi’s and fast-fashion haven Zara—every one was revealed to have traces of hazardous chemicals in at least one item. The report claims that Calvin Klein was the worst offender, with 88% of items tested containing the chemicals, followed by Levi’s with 82%, and Zara with 70%. Some of these chemicals, according to Crawford, are incorporated deliberately within the fabric, while others are unwanted residue from the general manufacturing process.

What this means for you:
This issue doesn’t just affect you, the wearer of the clothes; it could be harming those around you, just like second-hand smoke. According to Crawford, when these chemicals—including toxic phthalates and hazardous amines—are released into the environment, they can break down and develop hormone-disrupting and carcinogenic properties. He also points out that chemicals contained within clothes can be released by people living thousands of miles away, who pollute local water supplies when doing laundry.

What you can do:
 The good news is that there are a number of things you do help prevent this far-reaching and, frankly, scary issue. First, check out Greenpeace’s Detox Fashion Manifesto, which you might want to sign as a show of support for the organization’s Detox initiative, which urges consumers to challenge brands and demand that they create fashion free of toxins. (The good news: a number of companies, including H&M and British retailer Marks & Spencer are already at work pioneering green chemistry, and phasing out some majorly harmful substances).

Other ways to do your part:
 As difficult as it may be, try taking a hiatus from fast-fashion for a few months and consider investing in organic and/or sustainable garments (many of which enforce fair-trade practices, so it’s a win-win!). Elizabeth L. Cline, the author of last year’s buzzy book “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion” keeps a running list of stylish sustainable and ethical retailers on her website, which is a good place to start. Oftentimes, these garments are handmade and sourced from natural ingredients, which could make them higher in price but eliminates the threat of toxicity.

It’s also worth looking into the Slow Clothes movement, which was originally intended to reject all mass-produced fashion, but has since evolved and can be practiced by buying trend-free quality garments that will last longer and can be repairable. Of course, it also might not hurt to start practicing the movement’s biggest precept: buy fewer clothes, and less often.

Source: Greenpeace.org
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Sparkling Wedding Theme

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The Wedding Day is one of the most important days for almost all women around the planet, and since it happens once in life(or it should be like that) you may want to feel like a real queen without going broke.

With just some smart cost-cutting activities ,like buying of course from Muslim Elegance and doing some DIY projects you can have that breathtaking wedding you always wanted.
Sparkling rhinestones,beads and crystals are perfect to give the luxury of a royal wedding.
Click on each link to check our complete collection of each category.
Shoe bow clips: Muslim Elegance
Bridal Bracelet: Muslim Elegance 
Bridal veil: Muslim Elegance
Embellished bridal body top: Muslim Elegance
Embellished bridal cape: Muslim Elegance
Beaded applique candles: Muslim Elegance
Rhinestones cake applique: Muslim Elegance
Brooch bouquet: Etsy
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Fashion good enought to... eat?

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The line between food and fashion has been well and truly blurred in a new exhibition at Berlin's Museum for Communication which is displaying portraits of models wearing outfits made entirely of food.

A scarf made ​​of cotton candy, green onions as a headdress,it in fact look like the classic ruffled hijab style,isn't it?

The Brain Masters:
Brains behind the unusual project belong to top chef Roland Trettl and experimental photographer Helge Kirchberger, both from Australia.
The pair cooked up the idea of fashioning clothes out of food back in 2007, while brainstorming ideas for an international competition.

The Process:
"We wanted to create something that hadn't really been done before" said Kirchberger.

Like "normal" fashion shoots, the process of creating the images was less than glamorous.

But for Fashion Food, rather than standing shivering in a field waring painful high heels all day, models were draped in offal, covered in giant crabs and smeared with fat.

"At first it was a little odd". Said 21-year-old model Anna Schwarz. "But when you forgot what you were wearing, the clothes were actually pretty cool,"she added.

Although it might not suit every taste, the outcome is remarkable.

"Don't think too much about the individual parts of the outfit, consider it as one whole piece of art" said the Museum's director Lieselotte Kugler.

In my opinion the other pictures looks a bit grotesque, however if you look at them like "Art" they are really interesting.
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Fall make up trends

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This fall’s most popular makeup trends

With the fall here and the winter season coming, many new trends in hair and makeup are arriving as well. Eyes have received the most attention this season with so many colors and styles to choose from.

A few popular trends are winged and cat eye eyeliner.

Cerulean and cobalt blue eyeliners have made appearances on the runway recently. Attention-getting eye makeup, like eye shadows in peacock colors and gray smoky eyes, have been featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

Kristen Stewart’s Sultry Smokey Eye Look dark ‘smokey’ eyes with nude lips, I sow this look on the new movie Sky Fall and love it I know it is just like few inches of eye liner

If you wish to create the disco diva look
Bright eyes were seen all over runways at New York fashion week. Do you like the electric eye trend???

Red is the right choice for fall lipstick. Whether it be bright fire engine red or a deep burgundy, with a matte or gloss finish this color works well.

Many out-dated hairstyles have been recreated to develop some of fall’s most popular trends. Diane von Furstenberg and Christian Dior brought back side parts during Fashion Week when models were seen with sleek side parts. Retro hairstyles were used most by Valentino during Fashion Week.
Natural and tousled hair has become fashionable again thanks to Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs. Braids and ballerina buns have become common go-to hairstyles on and off the runway as well.
by Nikki Smith

Stay tune for more tips on next post :)


If there is a consolation...he does not let go until Allaah admits him and his father to Paradise

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Yesterday after having a nice breakfast with my kids and husband from the Cornish,we back home to drink tea and watch some TV(We wanted to know what was going on in Gaza), my kids were coloring the books my husband had just bough to them when while listening the news in Arabic , my husband made an expression of surprise, to call it in some way, then he translate to me what he had just read
"An school bust was hit by a train, killing all children that were on that bus", That I have to confess was the saddest think after all the killing going on Sirya and Gaza I had ever listened, my kids were right there front Us coloring, kidding, laugthing, I look to them and is hard to say how difficult was for us to contain our tears, both my husband and I keep silence for a while, till our voice can go out and talk about it, I couldn't imagine the pain of their parents,my kids don't have school on Saturday but many other kids has, the accident happened in the time we were taking breakfast, It was so shocking and I say Al hamdulillah for everything, I pray to Allah to keep our kids and your kids safe, to never have to cross for a situation like that and protect our children for any pain.

I read this post from Fajr Blog, which really help me to remember how only Allah knows our future and when we have a huge lost like this parents, we should say Al hamdulillah because he is the only one who indeed know what is better for us even when a situation or a lost like in this case looks so hard and difficult he knows why we have to cross for this and he is the only one who will be there to help us, May Allah give the strength to this parents to continue their lives and reward them for this lost.

“Their little ones are the little ones (da’aamees) of Paradise. When one of them meets his father – or his parents – he takes hold of his garment – or his hand – as I am taking told of the hem of your garment, and he does not let go until Allaah admits him and his father to Paradise.”

Narrated by Muslim, 2635
At some point in our lives, we are all given moments where we have to take a stand; a mawqif. It’s usually a test which is personal to each of us. But on a larger scale, it’s also an opportunity from Allah allowing us to earn His Pleasure, attain higher ranks and pretty much ‘prove’ ourselves to Him.

Sometimes, we’re forced to make hard decisions. We’re forced to forsake what we love, or want, or is easier to do, in order to uphold a greater principle. We have to fight against our heart and soul in order to do what is right at that moment of time as opposed to what simply pleases us.

Sometimes, our actions directly affect others because in pleasing Allah we might end up displeasing people, but what choice does the believing man or woman have? We don’t live for the sake of our own nafs (soul); rather we live for Allah and higher principles, and when it comes to these testing moments in life, we must choose what is right, even if it means that we will lose what is very dear to our hearts or lose our freedoms.

These are the mawaqif in our lives, and every single person has to face them at some point. But it’s a Promise from Allah that once we take the right stand, He will take it upon Himself to lead the way and rectify our affairs. Even if we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, we must trust that the end result will be for the believer who chose His Lord over himself…

Fajr Blog

- Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi ordered his ministers to offer support to the families of those killed
The transport minister resigned,The head of the railway authority has also resigned.

Free E-book and support for parents that had lost a child
Children of Jannah
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Hijab tutorial with a DIY bow

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Salam wa leykum as I promised before here it is the tutorial of how to make a bow brooch and use it for your hijab, hope you can understand the steps.
Bows are really fun to make, you can mix few colors and fabrics to give a different look also add some sparkles or pearls, big or small they are multi purpose since you can wear them on your clothes,hijab or even like a ring or necklace.

So, for the bow you need an small square of any fabric you need to sew the edges and then make an small hole on the middle to can turn it on the right side , then you need either other piece of fabric or like in this case a beautiful silver trim and glue it to the square of fabric you made before then use another small trim of fabric for the middle of your bow glue it on the back and add a pin so you can remove it from your hijab and that's it!
I like this kind of hijab because it cover all your neck, using 2 scarves and an endless number of under scarves you can create your own mix of colors and style.
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Hijab fashion: Bows are officially cool !

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Remember those plastic bow hair clips you wore in elementary school? The cute ribbon-adorned dresses and bow-print shirts that made you feel oh-so-pretty? Good news, girly-girls: The versatile detail has transcended youthful whimsy to become wrapped up in the grandeur of high fashion.

Today's favorite fashion leaders are embracing the charming trend (without going Gaga). Channel your inner little girl with these fresh takes on the classically feminine style.

Ascot bows were a big hit in the spring shows, popping up in the collections of Oscar de la Renta and Rachel Zoe. It's no surprise Jason Wu's fearlessly feminine designs incorporated the collar accent.
And Hijabis are not let behind muslim girls easily can incorporate this fasion trend on their hijabs,stay tone because next post will be a tutorial about it.
See you soon Insh'allah
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Coral-Mint-Blush color wedding theme

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No doubt this was the year of Coral-Tangerine color so why not incorporate this trend in your wedding?
Although few women are not that adventurous as to wear Tangerine color on their weddings this colors are perfect for decoration or bridesmaids dresses.

 I particularly love the dresses,cool design, comfortable and classic also the accessories are a wonderful detail, I'll just add a Lycra body Top and a hijab of course.

What is most amazing is how all these colors can be mixed and look just gorgeous.

Flowers are a big part of Weddings celebrations, you can go for a very expensive Natural flower arrangements or a cheap and fun Paper ones.
What do you think?
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Hijabi Wedding in Pastel Colors

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Pastel colors Wedding Inspiration direct from Indonesia

If you want to have a Vintage-Girly Wedding theme here are some ideas that may help you,among some information about the growing Indonesian Fashion Industry.
1.A Simple attire for your bridesmaids in pastel tones,modest hijab styles and Soft make up will make you really feel the queen on your day
In Indonesia due the diversity of ethnic groups, it stands to reason that wedding customs will reflect this diversity. Each ethnic group has different wedding dress (batik, traditional textiles, kebaya) and different marriage ceremonies and customs. Within ethnic groups, those of different religious backgrounds will have different practices as well.

2.Maids are usually the Bride friends, ask them for help to organize your wedding and have fun.

Lately we are hearing a lot abut the Indonesian hijab style,Why you may wonder?, Well Indonesia’s fashion industry is indeed huge. According to 2011 data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, it is the largest among the country’s 14 creative industries, and for the past five years it has contributed an annual average of Rp 71.9 trillion ($8 billion) to Indonesia’s gross domestic product, therefore we are getting more and more news about their style.

3.Some color Ideas for your guests,get into the theme by wearing also Pastel colors,Love the style of this ladies!

And, as the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, is already one of the main players, with a local fashion industry now estimated to be worth $6.6 billion dollars a year. But local designers and retailers – led by an industry group called the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Consortium – are hoping to expand the Islamic fashion component of the industry even more by drawing up a road map to make Indonesia the “capital” of global Islamic fashion by 2020.

Right now, Malaysia, Thailand and France are among the leading Islamic fashion hubs, industry officials say.

Long known as a relatively secular Muslim nation, Indonesia has seen an increase in the number of women wearing hijab, or Islamic dress in recent years, which some analysts have attributed to rising Islamic conservativeness.

“The creativity of these young (Indonesian) designers is endless,” said Jetti Hadi, editor-in-chief of local Islamic fashion magazine Noor and a co-founder of the consortium. “Their designs are fashionable but still adhere to the Islamic rules of modesty, which means that the clothes are loose-fitting and do not reveal the shape of women’s bodies.”

 4.Paper lanterns and tissue color paper can be a great and cheap option to decorate,choose colors that match with your color theme.

A rising middle class in Southeast Asia’s largest economy has also fuelled a boom in the domestic fashion industry.

The sharia unit of the state-owned Bank Rakyat Indonesia has embraced the Muslim fashion aficionados by issuing a debit card that also serves as a membership card for the “Hijabers Community,” which has 77,000 “likes” on Facebook and almost 57,000 followers on Twitter.

5.Nothing better than an exclusive touch for your cake, ask your bridesmaids,Friends and relatives to help by baking and decorating mini cup capes, you can choose a simple recipe and a colorful Icing.

6.Don't forget to thank all your helpers,relatives and guests!