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Hijab Fashion 2013-Winter hijab fashion trends

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Hope all of you're doing well,as usually I'm getting very busy this last days and I couldn't find the time to post on this blog,however here is a bit of the  collection from one of the dozens of new shops that are opening here, I haven't find something really like "WOW" since all are same styles only different colors,they even hire the same model, but in this case, I'm really happy to see new faces, seriously there are like 80% of all the Egyptian fashion shots with the same model and I'm not kidding.
This one here is my favorite,It reminds me the Two-Tones dresses from the designer Stella McCartney .

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Don’t you just want to cry when you drop your brand new compact and the powder shatters into a million little pieces? But wait! Don’t throw it out and call your losses. You can absolutely put humpty dumpty back together again! And while you’re at it, grab your old cream shadow, blush or liner that has dried out, cracked or shrunk and bring it back to life too. Here’s how to do both:
POWER TOOLS: 70% alcohol {it works 1000 times better for this than your typical rubbing alcohol from the drug store and can be purchased at your local art supply}, plastic wrap, spatula, dropper, synthetic eyeliner brush, Q-tip {optional if you’re a perfectionist… you know who you are!}

photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

  1. WRAP IT UP: Completely cover the compact with the plastic wrap and make sure it adheres tightly to contain everything.
  2. MASH IT UP: With your spatula, crush up the entire pan of shadow, not just the broken pieces. You essentially are turning the pressed powder back into loose powder.
  3. ADD ALCOHOL: Remove the wrap and add at least 10 droppers full of alcohol. You can add a few droppers full at a time to see how much you need. I used a dozen.
  4. SMOOTH IT OVER: Now you’ll feel the powder has become sponge-like and very pliable, giving you the perfect opportunity to even it out smoothly with your spatula.
  5. PERFECT THE EDGES: Use your eyeliner brush to smooth it out even further. Give it a few hours to completely dry and it’s like it never happened! To make it extra pretty, clean up the perimeter with a Q-tip.
 To revive your dried-out and cracked old cream shadow, apply the same steps except there’s no need to wrap it up or mash it up. Just add alcohol to reactivate it, stir it, smooth it out and perfect the edges. If you’re like us, you hate waste and these are two great ways to save and use what you have!

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Chic,Trendy,Lovely Eyeshadow conbinations

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Matching base shade and creative color combinations  can bring you different looks for day and night.

here some Ideas.
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Soft apricot wedding theme

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A wedding day has many focal points: the bride and her gown, the scrumptious wedding cake, the Wedding dress, and the bridal bouquet, to name a few.

Strengthen the beauty of the ceremony by choosing soft and delicate colors for your decorations, flowers,cakes,decoration, dresses, and the other things.

Get arouse by the mild wedding color palette, new couples can try apricot and/or peach, especially peach, it is very comfortable to eyes is also wonderful if you like a soft color for your ceremony.
Click on the link to check the compleate album
Bridal hijab: Muslim Elegance
Embellished Lycra body top: Muslim Elegance
Rhinestone Brooche (Bouquet): Muslim Elegance
Bouquet Wrap: Muslim Elegance
Pillow Ring: Muslim Elegance

Peach is a perennial very romantic and remarkable, it is pretty and feminine, maybe a touch vintage, and not very common.

One of the most important things in a Muslim Wedding Ceremony is the Hijab of the Bride,This an example of a simple hijab style for brides (Remember we should cover all our hair,neck and ears),an Ivory hijab with an embellished headband and the bridal veil is perfect for a soft and romantic wedding theme

If you are outside of the common you can wear a bit of color with your Bridal Dress by adding a peach or any other shade of color to your body top or perhaps a sash belt to give that contrast between white/ivory or any other color you decide to use for your wedding are perfect options.

The most elegant area of a wedding decorated in peach will of course be the flowers. An Elegant jeweled Bridal Bouquet is the perfect choice if you want to keep that touch of luxury mixed with a classic style for your wedding day.

Embellished Bouquet Wraps gives to any kind of Bouquets a touch of originality and luxury.

There are many details and accessories necessary for a complete wedding ceremony, and the wedding ring pillow may be the smallest yet one of the most crucial.

The smallest focal points of all are undoubtedly the most popular, however: the wedding rings. A wedding ring pillow highlights the rings and their function, giving them a place of honor in the ceremony just as they will have a place of honor on the newlyweds' fingers. By using a pillow to transport the rings, the couple emphasizes the importance of what the rings represent, because without that love and commitment, the wedding could not take place (Remember although the rings are important there are not an order in Muslims ceremonies).

From classic buttercream tiers to modern-casual wedding cupcakes, the wedding cake plays a prominent role at the reception. Get a better idea of all the options available to you before you make a decision about your dream cake.

But the most important thing you should not forget on your Wedding day is
that you should Enjoy and be Happy !
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Make up tips: Use and care of Brushes

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Using make-up brushes should make applying make-up easier.

The advantage to using make-up brushes is that they allow you to use the right amount of product and achieve a more even application, in other words to have better control of your make-up and a better result.

But having to choose between different bristles (natural or synthetic), sizes and make-up brushes in every shape can make things quite complicated.

There are a whole load of factors to take into account and often, you end up making do with the make-up brushes already supplied with the palettes you've bought. But these aren't always the best quality.

What factors are important for a good make-up brush?

Choosing a make-up brush based on where you're applying makeup

The aim is to own the ones that correspond to the make-up you'll be applying and where you're applying the product.

The make-up brush should be supple but not too soft. But if you use waxy make-up, like solid concealers, go for firm brushes with synthetic bristles that will make application easier.

How to clean make-up brushes

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Purple Wedding: Fabulous Ideas

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The inspiration for this Purple Wedding theme comes from my favorite color – purple!!  A hot hue in weddings, this plum variation on the color is popping up at all kinds of events and “I do’s” are no exception.

Mysterious and emblematic of royalty, purple is the color of choice for many brides around the world.

The Hijab
Let's start with a beautiful Embellished hijab for your wedding,You can find all this products at Muslim Elegance ready to wear so you don't need to pay even more for a hijab stylist :)

                                                              Embellished Lycra body

The look
Incorporate your color into everything! Start with your attire,Keep your look simple with a purple sash white dress

The Bouquet
When it comes to bright colors, details make a big difference.Purple bouquet or a purple Bouquet Wrap to incorporate a splash of purple into your wedding.

Incorporate your color into everything !,Plum Ring bear pillow.

Purple is extremely versatile and will allow for a huge range of color options.
You want a Spring/Summer wedding, great use the pastels.
You want a Fall/Winter look, then there are plenty of rich, bold shades to pick from! You may want to brig it all around the decor or incorporated in some contrasting touches.

Beautiful and simple Bow Chair wrap for a contrasting touch.