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Light Bulb vase deco

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Salam waleykum dear visitors and fans, today after have changes the light bulbs of 2 Chandeliers at home I ended out with a lot of light bulbs and it looks like a bit waste to just throw them in to the garbage so, I goggled for some Ideas of how could I use them and find this very interesting tips, Though I will go more for keeping  plants with their own soil(a terrarium) rather than just water, this could be a very nice wedding decoration Idea, and what if you add a bit of sparkles?
 Light Bulb miniature Terrarium
The most difficult and dangerous part of making this tiny moss terrarium is disassembling a light bulb. The stuff that is inside of the bulb is quite toxic.
 Give click to expand
Step 1: Remove the small metal circle from the base of the light bulb using wire cutters or a pair               of scissors. Make sure you can see a hole into the light bulb.
Step 2: Use the screw driver to break the long piece of clear glass (stem and filament) that is now             visible.
Step 3: Place the screw driver into the middle of the remaining glass piece, and apply heavy                     pressure until it breaks.
Step 4: Use the pliers to pull out the large glass piece. Shake out the rest of the glass
Step 5: Place the flowers into the bulb
Step 6: Tie a ribbon to each side of the metal piece of the bulb, making sure the bulb is secure.
Step 7: Fill the vase with water and hang it wherever you like
*In this step you can use your imagination and do whatever you would like to creat your own decoration,good luck!

Check this Video Tutorial
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Engagement Dresses

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As we have seen in Islamic ceremonies the dress of the bride or bride to be is a very important matter, girls will focus a lot of time designing or picking which dress style they would like to wear on that special day, Muslim girls takes this day very seriously  it is once in a life time that you get to wear and feel like a real princes, therefore the correct choose of the dress is big deal.

What do you think of this Princess style dresses?

Tv in your bedroom?

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More than two hours of TV a day adds significantly to Adults and children’s waist size, American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports
Amanda Staiano, PhD. “A bedroom TV may create additional disruptions to healthy habits, above and beyond regular TV viewing. For instance, having a bedroom TV is related to lower amounts of sleep and lower prevalence of regular family meals, independent of total TV viewing time. Both short sleep duration and lack of regular family meals have been related to weight gain and obesity.”

How Does TV Watching Increase the Risk of Obesity? A Closer Look at Food Marketing

 TV watching could promote obesity in several ways: displacing time for physical activity; promoting poor diets; giving more opportunities for unhealthy snacking (during TV viewing); and even by interfering with sleep.

 The thousands of food-related TV ads that children and youth see each year are primarily for high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and drinks, according to a comprehensive review of the evidence by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). 

 Food marketing influences children’s food preferences and purchase requests, and marketers rely on this “pester power” to influence what parents buy.

  • Branded foods, drinks, and restaurants are often featured in TV shows and movies (the ad industry term for this is “product placement”), and these product placements are overwhelmingly for unhealthy foods. An analysis of food brands that appeared in prime-time television programming in 2008 found that children and teens saw roughly one food brand per day, and three out of four of these brand appearances were for sugary soft drinks

  The average American child from age 8 to 18 watches about 4.5 hours of TV each day. Seventy percent have a TV in the bedroom and about one-third of youth aged 6-19 is considered obese.

“The established association between TV and obesity is predominantly based on BMI. The association between TV and fat mass, adiposity stored in specific depots (including abdominal subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue), and cardiometabolic risk, is less well understood,”

What can we do?

 Limit TV and “Sit Time,” Increase “Fit Time” to Prevent Obesity

 Parents can limit children’s screen time to no more than two hours per day, and a TV or computer “allowance” device may help with setting limits. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends no screen time for children under the age of 2.

  • Making  bedrooms TV-free and Internet-free—by removing TV sets or connections, or not putting them there in the first place—can also help us to stay within the two-hour limit, as can turning off the TV during meals.
  • Schools, child care centers, and after-school programs can have policies that limit recreational screen time, and are also excellent venues for rolling out screen time reduction programs,such as Planet Health  and Eat Well and Keep Moving. 
  • Healthcare providers can counsel parents to limit their children’s screen time and to become advocates for stricter regulations on TV/media food and beverage advertising to children.
  •  Staying active helps with weight control, as does limiting sedentary activities—recreational computer time, driving, and the like. So a good strategy is to replace “sit time” with “fit time”
 -I read once that if you really want to "REST" you should not have a TV in your bedroom, I've been refuse to put  a TV in our bedroom since we moved to our new home, Since the TV is in the living room, husband and kids must to turn it off and go to the bed to really "REST",I grew up with the TV, my parents are Fanatics of watching TV Series and all kind of news programs, etc, and we could spent all day just watching TV (and eating) which give us not so much social live so I know what it is, I really appreciate the TV out of any bedroom and same case for our children's toys, that is the rule, no TV no Toys in my bedroom so I can really enjoy and Rest. What about you?

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2013 Bridal trends

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Bridal capes are in, and will be one of the most popular wedding trend come 2013 . This wedding trend has been on for so long in Muslim weddings, but now international designers are giving brides more glamorous options to choose from, hence bridal capes are making a strong come back. Bridal capes made of silk,satin, lace and tulle are becoming an alternative to boleros and lace sleeves, and  you know you can find and order yours at Muslim Elegance, we can also match the embellishment of your dress for your bridal cape.
Muslims Brides use a wedding cape instead a bridal veil with beautiful embellishments which makes them look like a Queen.
A classic Muslim wedding dress with an embellished cape

A cape can be made of any fabric being most popular chiffon or silk with either lace appliques or beaded embellishments.

if the dress has long sleeves then the bride can opt for a lace see-throw fabric for the cape which could be a substitute of the common bridal veil. 

Capes can also been made in any color or colors,you can wear it for an engagement ceremony and match the color of the cape with the dress

The veil
  the bridal accessory par excellence is here this season with guipure lace appliqué finished with broderie anglaise.
The color veil is not to popular in Western cultures where brides and bride to be prefer withe colors,something completely different happen in Muslim countries where the color white is not a rule and brides can opt for their favorite color on that special day,

The keys to this season are plunging backs and the waist, which is emphasised with ribbons, knots and belts.


Wedding and party deco Ideas,DIY glitter glam centerpieces

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By Lune Events
 This project would be perfect for a  wedding, or any party where serious glamor is on the menu!
  • An assortment of glass vases of varying sizes – hello thrift stores!
  • Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Clear Spray Paint
  • Gold (insert color preference here) Spray Paint
  • Newspaper
  • Rubber Gloves
Step 1: Prep glassware by giving them a good wash and dry. Lay out newspaper and put on rubber gloves.

 Step 2: Spray the inside of the vase with Gold Spray Paint. Don’t hold the nozzle too close, or else you’ll get big drip lines. If you’re okay with that, then go for it! Give it a few minutes to dry.

Step 3: Spray the outside with Spray Adhesive, giving it a good coating.

Step 4: Coat the outside with glitter – we recommend doing this by hand, rather than rolling the case in a pile of glitter. If you need to re-spray areas with adhesive and add more glitter that’s okay.
Step 5: Spray glittered surface with clear Spray Paint – this helps keep all the glitter on the vase, and not in every nook and cranny of your life. Let dry for a few minutes.
Step 6: Fill with flowers, candles, branches or any other festive thing you can dream up!

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2013 Spring color trends

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The new Color of the year 2013

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2012 was the Tangerine color year, this 2013 is a "Green" color year.

 Introducing Pantone Color of the Year 2013  Emerald Green. We will see it in all products you can't imagine among other pretty colors that  "Fashion designers" have prepared for us.

“It is such a great universal shade that works on many different people, in many different ways,” says glo minerals makeup artist Kate McCarthy. “Emerald really looks best on anyone. It’s the type of color that reads beautifully on both warm and cool undertones. If you are on the cooler side, look for greens with a blue undertone. If you are on the warm side, look for emeralds with more of a yellow/golden undertone.”

“It will look good on everyone,” says celebrity makeup artist Lusine Galadjian. “But you need to use it strategically on different types of skin, eye and hair color.” If you have light skin and blue or green eyes, use it as a liner. For brown eyes, go for a smoky eye look. And for medium or dark skin, use the color in a smoky eye and dab it on the inner corners of the eye to make them pop.



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Well 2012 is gone, and 2013 has already started

I really wish to all the people in this world, specially all Muslims, to have a very blessed new year,2012 wasn't easy for many of us but Allah rewarded us with a new chance of doing the right, hope all your wishes become true and I ask to Allah to make us stronger and more united so we can keep holding on and pass all difficulties around us,Amen