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Evening hijab fashion

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Chechen Fashion House Firdaws on the Way to Haute Couture I have to confess I have never put too much attention to the Chechnya country (And I'm pretty sure that unless you are a Chechen you either) since the past days incidents many information has been on Internet about this country and there is where I found about this Fashion House called Firdaws.

Fashion house Firdaws (“Gardens of Paradise”) was founded by Medni Kadyrova, the wife of Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov, in Grozny in October 2009 The fashion house has established a model agency, won many international contest and organized a fashion show in Dubai.

 The label can now be bought only in Chechnya but the fashion house plans to expand to other countries including the UAE. Firdaws recently won the Couturier-2011 contest in Moscow and plans to hold another show in Saudi Arabia. Medni Kadyrova does not design outfits herself. A team of two Chechen designers work for Firdaws.

I think they are doing a pretty good job and also opening a new job opportunities for Muslim women on the region, what do you think? All the outfits are made in Muslim traditions with long sleeves, floor-length skirts and scarves in matching colors, isn't it cool?.
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Kim Kardashian pregnant style 2013

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Every time I look at this woman I can't stop feel sad, Does she really have an stye now that she is pregnant?It must to be really shocking for her to weight what she weigths right now, after have made fame by selling her sexy Image.
Pregnancy should be one of the sweeties thing a woman can experiment on her life, and acceptance of all body changes should be something easy, after all you will lose (at lest that is suppose to happen  ) weight after your bb have born, therefore waring appropriate and comfortable clothing is ok for any pregnant woman, but it seems like Kim K is having trouble with this and she keeps wearing sexy styles that not always look good, in fact it makes her look funny sometimes.

What do you think?

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Neon Wedding theme

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If you are a bride really unique and extravagant, Neon colors are just what you need.
Find Neon Lycra body tops at Muslim Elegance 
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Turkey’s fashion designers are reinterpreting traditional dress for Muslim women, creating a new industry in the process.

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In Istanbul on a recent Friday, it was time to send the page proofs of Ala magazine to the printer. Ala, which means “the most beautiful of the beautiful,” is the world’s first fashion publication for conservative Muslim women. Its office doesn’t feel like a bastion of traditional Islam: The talk is of models, photo shoots, deadlines, and accessories.
Zeynep Hasoğlu, Ala’s new editor in chief, sits behind a giant desk, her brown eyes amplified with dark eyeliner and mascara. She wears a black blazer with matching pants, her tiny frame weighted by a massive tiered rhinestone collar necklace. Stiletto shoes complete her outfit—a look that many of her readers want. “We are trying to convey international fashion to ladies without infringing on our values,” says Hasoğlu. She flicks through her iPad as she describes an unfulfilled need of affluent women who have money to burn but little understanding of how to spend it. They don’t know about Islamic designers because Muslim fashion has been a word of mouth industry.
Ala, launched in 2011, is the primer these women want. It features models in head scarves with well-crafted outfits in the latest colors. One recent article, titled “Looooooong skirts!” gives tips on skirt designs and mixing and matching. A recurring section visits Istiklal Street, the central retail promenade on the European side of Istanbul, to photograph fashionable but conservative women. Like many of Ala’s readers, they sport sleeves that fall at least to the middle of the forearm and no bare leg is revealed. Yet with their head scarves they wear jeans and boots or skirts and form-fitting jackets.
Taha Yasin Toraman launched Etesettür.com 15 months ago. That’s Turkish for hijab, the veil worn by observant Muslim women. The site sells black cloaks that cover the whole body as well as tight pea coats that hug the waistline. “There are many online shopping websites in Turkey, but there were none for conservative women,” Toraman says. He is launching an English-language site by August for the rest of the Muslim world.
Turkey’s fashion industry has its detractors, who condemn the idea that conservative women can wear flattering modern apparel. Women should instead avoid drawing attention to themselves, as Islam calls for. Female attire has long been a contentious subject. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the secular founder of modern Turkey in the 1920s, urged Turkish women not to cover their hair. After a military coup in 1980 momentarily checked the rise of the Islamic parties, the government banned head scarves for university students and public servants. The ban was partially lifted in 2010.
Under Sunni Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has enjoyed a decade of prosperity, which has given rise to an Islamic middle class. It is widely reported in the media that around 60 percent of Turkish women now wear a head covering. Mehmet Dursun, chief executive officer of Armine, Turkey’s top retailer of Islamic fashion, cornered the local head scarf market nine years ago before becoming a one-stop brand for middle-class Muslims. The retailer has a house line of apparel, shoes, and soon handbags, to be made in the same factory that makes Michael Kors bags. Armine apparel and accessories are sold in 1,400 stores, including in the U.S., the Netherlands, and Britain. Gross revenue in 2012 was $56 million. “I would like to be the conservative Hermès further down the line,” Dursun says.
The one thing absent from Turkey’s fashion scene is name-brand designers: Most work in relative obscurity for retailers like Armine. One exception is Filiz Yetim, maker of bridal gowns for the modest. Yetim, who on an April day was wearing a beige head scarf, a black blouse tucked into a long beige pencil skirt featuring floral appliqués, and gold and silver bracelets, designs gowns that feature a head scarf, full sleeves, and a floor-length hemline. The going price averages $4,000 to $5,000—not much for a handmade item. Yetim says she’ll charge more in time. “In two years, this vision of personal fashion will be more established, and we will ask what is due,” she says.
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Bridal hijab designs

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Here is a prove of how a simple hijab style can makes you look amazing in your wedding day.
Today's photographers and make up artist can make anyone looks like a Star.
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Muslim wedding gowns

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by request of many of our readers and FaceBook Fans
A beautifull collection of muslim wedding gowns by DreamOn
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It all began in Gaziantep in 1974...
DreamON was recognized in the market in a few years when it expanded the tailoring business in a 55 square metters store to mass production. Its focus on expanding its vision every day was sufficient to get its name heard. These were actually the first steps to a sophisticated style of production of hand made bridals always decorated with fashion elements.
With its 3000 square meters headquarters, its flagship store which is the largest bridal retail store coupled with five branches, more than 140 point of sale in 46 cities across Turkey, years of experience exporting to 22 countries including the world?s fashion centers, DreamON turned into one of the most recognized brands in the industry with in 38 years.

DreamON Bridal Dresses

Güvenevler Mah. 115. Cadde No:17, 27010 Gaziantep

Tel: 3422311556

Fax: 3422212038

E-mail: info@dreamon.com.tr

Website: www.dreamon.com.tr

Inspired beach wedding reception

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It’s perfect for the girl who wants something more than surfboards and sand at her beach wedding. What I’m loving most about this shoot, styled by Alchemy Events & Invitations and photographed by  Justin Lee, is the juxtaposition of natural and glamorous elements: sequin cushions on baroque style chairs sitting in the sand, natural coral and seashells with a shiny silver glaze, soft flowers mixed with hard metals, and bold graphic prints placed against a serene setting. The effect is mesmerizing!
trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin Lee trendy beach wedding reception / photographed by Justin LeeNot only is it mesmerizing, this beach wedding reception shoot is downright trendy. It can check off several of the "Top 2013 Wedding Trends" boxes including: patterns, prints, a return to elegance, custom wedding details, and fabulous florals!
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Hijab accessories

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Either in your hijab or as your bridal party decorations, our beautiful hand beaded accessories looks perfect!
What do you think?

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Wedding Dress Trends 2013

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Finding that ideal wedding gown for 2013 that’s only meant for you and for your body only, defines maybe one of the most special moments that a future bride gets to experience. Shopping for a wedding dress it’s the adventure of a lifetime, and can hardly be compared to anything else. It’s all about making dreams come true, and finding a match, all over again. Year after year, the biggest fashion houses specializing in bridal gowns have showed of the wedding dress trends 2013 and accessories, they have sent down the runway the most exquisite garments that breath new life into the current trends, while also setting the tone for the new ones.

Wedding dress trends 2013 will definitely be an exciting year for the brides to be if we’re to judge based on the number of stunning gowns that were envisioned for the new season. Delicate details, intricate cuts, luxurious fabrics and surprising elements make for fabulous collections that are more than ready to satisfy even the most pretentious tastes in the matter. The trick is to never settle for less than you deserve and to keep searching until finding that one dress. Your one and only. Here are the most beautiful trends featured in the 2013 bridal collections and the dresses that will make history.
little white dress is a wedding dress trends 2013
01. The Little White Dress Trend. The traditional floor-length wedding gown that we’re all so used to by now, stopped existing on every woman’s wish list a very long time ago. That’s why every year, with every new collection, the designers love to showcase mini white numbers on the runway, much to the non-traditional gals’ delight. A short dress doesn’t necessarily mean unsophisticated. It’s bold and it’s something else for sure, but with the right styling and the right attitude it can easily become a total knock-out. Oscar de la Renta gently accessorized his 2013 wedding gown with matching tights, feminine shoes, minimal jewelry and a lovely bouquets in pastel pink. The natural make-up and the exquisite feathered head-piece perfectly complemented the strapless gown. Short but sweet.
scarlet red dress is a wedding dress trends 2013
02. The Scarlet Red Dress Trend. On a wedding day, all eyes should definitely and permanently be on the bride. After all, it’s her moment. If white is not as much of a statement color, than a bold scarlet red should certainly do the trick. Vera Wang is the most reliable name when it comes to exquisite bridal garments that are one of a kind, intriguing and memorable. Her Spring wedding dress trends 2013 collection played upon a new color direction that highlighted beautiful hues of scarlet, crimson, vermillion and dahlia. The fabulous strapless dresses aren’t of course meant for just everybody, but with their extravagant feel and infinite yards of tulle, they will conquer a fearless heart or two for sure.
lace delight wedding dress trends 2013
03. The Lace Delight Dress Trend. When beauty lies in the details, lace makes for the most dramatic and sophisticated approach, especially if we’re talking wedding gowns. Alice Temperley, the British designer behind the fashion house Temperley London went for timeless and ultra-feminine pieces for her Beatrice Bridal 2013 collection. Capturing the eternal elegance of lace in a perfect series of black and white shots, Temperley’s gowns are undeniable charming, playing upon structured silhouettes and featuring  the most exquisite embellishments. From the romantic collection made out of French lace, we especially loved the trumpet style lace gown with crystal floral Beatrice belt, and the stunning full lace gown with scalloped edges and sheer cap sleeves.
04. The Happily Ever After Dress Trend. Inspired by our favorite fairy-tales and bringing back a glimpse from the past, Rosa Clara’s 2013 collection makes the princess style look a lot more approachable. Balancing the dramatic looks with clean lines, simple details and impeccable silhouettes the collection is definitely the closest to the traditional pieces that are usually seen walking down the aisle. The Bemol gown and the Basilia one featured above, are stunning examples of how an exaggerated theme can be wonderfully toned down by a minimalist eye. Both bold and delicate! Perfect for the romantic bride.
hi-low hemlines wedding dress trends 2013
05. The Hi-low Hemline Dress Trend. Featured in two of the most exciting bridal collections for Spring 2013, the high and low hemline dresses are set to take the next year by storm. The house of Marchesa and the Elie Saab for Pronovias collection, both envisioned the sexy silhouettes for 2013. Perfect to showcase your one of a kind pair of bridal heels and to draw attention to your marvelous pins, the exquisite dress comes in multiple variations, ranging from alluring all the way to ethereal and romantic. If this is the style you have in mind, finding your match won’t be difficult.
06. The Grecian Goddess Dress Trend. The epiphany of elegance and a true bridal staple, the Grecian Goddess Dress makes for a delicate and sophisticated comeback this season as pictured by Marchesa for 2013. The flattering sillouethe, alluring through its simplicity and lightness, its beautiful in the front and outstanding at the back. The off-the-shoulder bodice made out of an exquisite diamond detailing complements the surreal feel that touches this striking gown.
07. The Cape Sensation Dress Trend. Utterly elegant and sophisticated, the flirty white dresses hidden mysteriously under sheer capes are definitely a trend to watch in 2013. These wedding gowns gracefully emphasize the tasteful simplicity that once used to define the special garments. The Victoria Jane for Ronald Joyce 2013 Collection and the Novia D’art 2013 Bridal Collection showcased mesmerizing gowns fit for the most chic personalities and styles.
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08. The Long Sleeve Dress Trend. Usually seen on delicate and flattering wedding dresses, the long sleeves made out of luxurious lace mark a trend that keeps getting stronger with every new season. The “Florence” collection created by Temperley Bridal focuses on the timeless and sophisticated sillouethe that carries a certain vintage flair emerging from all of its delicate details. The elaborate gowns inspired by the old Hollywood glamour bring back center stage the decadent shapes of the 1950s.

09. The Sheer Back Dress Trend. The exquisite amount of attention paid to even the least expected parts of a wedding dress resulted in a trend that wants to impress backwards. The powerful sheer back, carefully embellished with detailed motifs brings this exquisite element to perfection. Jesus Peiro 2013 Soirée Collection features a one of a kind gown, that’s absolutely stunning regardless if you look at it from the front or from the back. That’s how a bride could effortlessly keep all eyes on her.
10. The Peplum Dress Trend. Peplum made a huge impact on the fashion world all throughout 2012 and right now is still considered to be one of the most flattering silhouettes ever invented. Loved for hugging the body in all the right places, it wasn’t long before the intricate shape translated to wedding gowns. Amsale and Angel Sanchez featured above, alongside Carolina Herrera and Junko Yoshiok infused their bridal collections with the modern trend. If you care to make a white statement on your wedding day than this dress might help you succeed flawlessly.